What do YOU think?!!?

Does anybody here really believe Trump won the 2020 election AND he will be back living in the white House by the end of this year?

28 days ago

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    • He's an insane person who looks at the world and sees only the parts that fit together with or support his bizarre beliefs. Like Carlos Castaneda, but with more powerful hallucinogenic drugs.

    • Fuck no, he's a fucking LOSER who LOST a fair election ! He better dye that cotton candy made out of piss hairdo a nice shade of orange to match that jump suit he'll soon be wearing !

    • Biden won. Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Arizona committed treason to give Biden the win. Anyone from PA should be dismembered on sight.

      Biden will accidentally admit to child molestation by summer 2022, Harris will assume the presidency, Pelosi becomes VP. The midterms will switch the house and a Republican will become VP with executive access to the federal agencies and reveal all the bullshit.

      Kristi Noem will be nominated and will select Donald Trump Jr. as her running mate.

      States will try to cheat again and the country will erupt into civil war.

      All of this because Democrats betrayed Bill Clinton's wife in 2008 and nominated the worst president in modern history.

    • Just FYI. . . . . unlike with the Presidency, there is no automatic succession to the VICE Presidency. So, Pelosi could only reach that office (without separate election) if Biden resigns, dies, or gets removed, Kamala ascends and she appoints Pelosi and SHE gets confirmed. But neither Pelosi nor anybody else will never become the Veep by virtue 8 a congressional position. As for civil war? That could easily --- and likely WILL ---happen LOOONG before any of those other events transpire. We are on the verge of it already. It could start at any moment. If more blacks owned guns, we'd probably already be in the middle of one. The last thing we need is to give black folks an excuse to walk the streets shooting snd killing random white folks without a reason!!!the niggers will be xtra m

    • OR if Kamala dies, resigns or gets removed as Vice President first, and BIDEN himself appoints Pelosi VP and she is confirmed, then she would succeed to the Presidency if Biden thereafter resigns, dies or gets removed. But none of this, obviously, is very likely to happen. It's probably more likely that Trump runs and wins in '24. It may even be more likely that Pelosi runs (against the leader of HER OWN PARTY!!!) and wins IN '24. NONE OF THIS IS GONNA HAPPEN! The odds are about the same that the Orioles will win every World Series between now and 2024......... and that they will sweep each time.

    • Yes I do think he won, but he won't be back in the White House till 2024! If we still have a country and a White House still standing!

    • Terrific points! "IF" we still have those things!!

    • Biden is probably the smartest quick thinking president we’ve ever had, willing to take all the tough questions asked of him. The American people know a winner when they see one. Add Kamala Harris and you got magic in the White House.
      Yea sure.

    • I didn't realize at first you were joking and I guffawed and blew Mountain Dew out my nose and onto my keyboard, thanks a LOT

    • Sorry about that.
      Biden nothing but a fool.

    • This is a sex posting site. Leave the fucking politics out of it. This site is an escape from all the bullshit!! Ask that question somewhere else!!

    • If that were true, the site would be called sexposts. Never mind the fact there are other categories to filter in besides sex. Hmmm.

    • Trump IS the essence of naughtiness. I didn't want to vote for him, but the whole thing about being pee'd on by Russian prosties made me cast my ballot GOP. Whoda thought.

    • Yeah, I think Trump believes it.

    • Well let's see here. He was winning in several states until all of a sudden they received a shitload of mail in votes, all conveniently for Biden, none for Trump. And they were all states where the election committee are openly Democrat supporters. Not to mention that when the recount was requested, the wouldn't let Republicans witness the recount, which is why a lawsuit was filed. What did they have to hide? And why did they ban Republicans from the recount? If everything were legitimate, they wouldn't have removed them from the recount. Right??
      And how does anyone explain the mysterious mail in votes that only showed up after Trump was winning? And why were they ALL for Biden? Kind a funny that not one single mail in vote was for Trump.
      And not only that, there were thousands of mail in votes for Trump that were found discarded in mail bags, and were never counted? Why not? And who discarded them? And how many more were discarded that were never found?
      Do I think Trump won? I don't know because there was just way to much shady shit going on to who the actual winner was. But that's what happens when people vote in a bunch a fucking criminal.

    • Biden is REALLY into little girls. That is not an arguable point. And we need a leader who's a pedo. Pure and simple. So the pedo-elite that runs the world will keep our pedo-prez in charge of nation. End of story.

    • If that's true, then he should pardon Ghislaine Maxwell, and then, immediately upon her release from detention, hire her as Special Adviser to the President, doing the same things she was doing for Jeffrey Epstein. In addition to being brilliant (Oxford educated) and unbelievably beautiful, apparently she's incredibly nasty within her own sex life, and she really knows how to persuade other girls to go along for a filthy fucking ride. Joe need Ghislaine.

    • How is he a paedo? I've not seen that anywhere else. I do remember seeing something -- in print --during the election about his practice of kissing women and girls "hello" if they were known to him, but it struck me as being a weak extension of the me-too claims. What did I miss?

    • Google "Creepy Joe Biden Hair Sniffing Compilation" or "Biden Touching Girls Compilation" or "Joe Biden young inappropriate touching" or do a Google image search for "Biden smelling little girls" it's not that difficult......shit, even Vox and HuffPo and WaPo and other leftist rags will report on it!

    • Google Biden kissing his 12 year old granddaughter on the mouth! It is there!

    • I did some digging and finally found it. Disgusting!!

    • Doesn't really matter what anyone thinks. It matters what you can prove.

    • Will the Trumpists be able to prove fraud OR error? What are your thoughts? I mean, I know you aren't in charge of providing the proof, but what do you think well happen?

    • I think people who use stupid names like Trumpists to divide the country, are the fucking problem. People like you need to learn respect for other people's right to support whichever political person or party they choose. And the fact that you are so childish to call people names, tells me you're not mature enough to understand what this country is all about. We the people, for the people. Maybe you should learn that before calling people ignorant names.

    • Please accept my apologies. I didn't intend the faux word "trumpists" as a pejorative, but just as a shorter substitute for the more appropriate phrase, "Trump Supporter", given the tight quarters here. I didn't intend to insult anybody. I agree with you and fully support the notion that everybody should be able to freely support whatever candidate(s) they may choose. Obviously, that's part of the selection process. As I think you do, I dislike the vitriol that seems these days to be a near-permanent part of our social discourse in general and our politics in particular. I'm sorry if I insulted you, or any other reader,and I appreciate your your calling it to my attention. It's not a mistake I'll make again. Lesson learned.

    • God you're an amazingly pure P.O.S.

    • I offered an apology . . . . I don't know what else i can do.

    • Perhaps grovel a little more ? Maybe suck the pus out of their dick lesions ? No, seriously, these stupid fucking weenie waggers won't even take "Yes ! " for an answer !

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