Wife sister

Been with wife over 20 years now. Her sister was very hot when I met her young and fit . One of my friends was banging her and I was banging my wife who was my girlfriend at the time. We go driving around as I finger banged my wife in the back seat her sister and my friend would be driving. I had just turned 18 and my girl was 25 so I had a experience chick. I would have her suck me as we all cursed around. Well my buddy would tell me how my girlfriend sister loved anal . He broke up with her and one my other friends started dating her he tell me the same story that she loves it in the ass. So one day trying to get my girl to give up that ass and i tell her well your sister give it up. She was how do you know i say cause both her 3 ex boyfriend had told me. Well she ends up telling her sister and she confronts me and denies it she pissed calling me every name. Well she don't talk to me for a bit sometime later she needed a place to stay and ask her sister if she can stay with us I was like ok fuck it. I know when I'm banging her sister in are room she could here she was always friendly with me the next day. Well one day I get in a argument with my girlfriend and she says she leaving going shopping and to visit her dad. Well about noontime I go in the kitchen get something to drink and get sister comes out talking to me but flirting saying she heard her sister and she can be a bitch at times. I tell her that I was sorry about that anal shit ain't my biz. Then she like no worries but I do like it. I started getting hard and she noticed she says if I want to fuck her anal and she won't say a word. I did not no what to say. She drops to her knees pulls my sweats down and starts sucking away. As this point fuck it she gets up walks to the couch pulls her shorts and panties down was going to start pounding that pussy but guides my dick in her ass . I am going to down and she starts saying cum in that ass about 5 minutes a full nut all up in there . I pump every last drop and lay on her and her sister walks in pull out limp cock and cum bubbles coming out. Shit hit the fan she kicked her sister out 20 years later they still dont speak lol

24 days ago

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