I know deep down that I am bi-sexual, something about a cock that is so sexy. I have never acted on these feelings and being a severe introvert it seems that I probably will never have the chance to meet someone that I can explore these feelings with, I just don't go out that much. Maybe I need to find a mistress that will force me to have sex with a man.

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  • I am 50, married, and have an urge to suck cock. I want to kiss and lick and suck it and caress the balls and feel his cum spurting in my mouth. I definitely would NOT Kiss a man, But would love to hold and suck another mans Cock.
    If I could find another similar married man I'd also love to be Fucked. Definitely.
    Just NO kissing, my Cock just goes soft whenever I see men kissing. Is this weird, do other guys feel the same.?

  • Yes, I sucked cock in front of my wife during a BDSM scene. I had told her that I was bi-sexual before we married, and had relationships with other teens when I was young, and when I was 19 to 23 yrs. with a younger teen. She liked seeing me suck, and take it in the ass from a Dom out in K.C. Years later she made me suck off one of her lovers, after they had both fucked me in the ass ( he with his cock, she with a strap on ) !

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