Homophobe Friend Let Me Suck Him Off

I’ve been friends with this guy for 6 years, and recently I’ve been catching feelings for him. Normally telling a friend that you “like-like” them is easy, but my pal happens to be a homophobe. I’ve been in the closet for a while, and only a few family members know that I’m gay. The only reason why I haven’t told him is because I know that if I do, he’ll stop talking to me.

It’s been in the last week that I’ve started to fantasize sucking him off. Deepthroating his cock and drinking down his cum, and taking his dick in my ass a few minutes later. I’ve masturbated to it for a while, and decided to come onto him after we both had a few drinks at his place. I thought his mind might be more open to “suggestions”.

2 beers later, the conversation turns sexual. I ask him if he’s ever thought about fucking a gay, even if it’s a one-time thing. He says no, and I ask “Well, would you let a gay blow you?” He says “Might. Depends how good they are.”

Not-so-long story short, I went down on him. Sucked him off while he sat on the couch. He didn’t say much about it, and I could tell he was deliberately avoiding my gaze. I normally keep eye contact with a person as I blow them, but he refused to look. After I drank his cum, I asked him if I could ride him. He said no and told me to leave.

Next time we saw each other, he pretended he didn’t remember what happened. Said he “must have had too much”. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t let me do it again, but I’m glad he let me suck his dick. I’m only disappointed he didn’t let me ride him. That would have made my fantasy come to life 110%.

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  • I'm openly bi. I have a buddy who's straight, but about once a month when he can't get laid he'll put on lesbian porn and let me stroke him off. I never ask him to return the favor, but sometimes he does of his own accord. When we finish he'll jokingly call me "fag" then we go back to playing videogames or whatever normal thing we're doing that night.

    It's a great arrangement except that what I really want to do is suck his cock. Regularly. I'd love to be his no-strings blowjob on demand. Mind you, I have zero romantic feelings toward him. He's just one of my best friends, who incidentally also happens to have a cock that I wish would feed me its cum on the regular.

    He knows this, but that's "too gay" for him. I totally get that and don't pressure him for anything more than he's comfortable. He's my friend first and foremost, and I'm not an asshole. Except... about a month ago he did let me suck him off. It was great! He obviously enjoyed it too. On one hand I want to do it again, but on the other hand I don't want to pressure him at all lest I make our friendship awkward, and I don't know if it was just a one-off thing or if it represents him slowly opening up to the benefits of getting free head on demand without any complications.

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