Panty wearer

Back in the early '80's md gf and her friend "dressed" me for a Halloween party. My gf and her girlfriend took almost 2 hours dressing me. Almost an hour of me in panties a bra and panty hose. I was in a erotic stupor the whole time. At the party my gf, her friend told all their other girlfriends exactly what I had on underneath. I showed anyone who wanted to look. At that point we both knew I was her panty man. At our apt complex jean cutoff were no longer allowed in the pool. We went back to the apt and she tossed me a pair of red cotton bikini's. She convinced me they looked like Speedos. She said She'd give me her ass if I wore them and we stayed at the pool for 3 hours. We went. Played backgammon. Had some beers. Talked with everyone we knew. Every woman there knew I was wearing panties. Got quite a few compliments. I got my gf ass after dinner that night!

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  • Great for you I hope you go a lot further with it

  • Why don't you obsessed panty guys leave us the F alone. The fake proud wife post are as lame.

  • Your obviously a looser that would just love to be femme but know you would be too ugly and look stupid well that should suit

  • Are you anticipating going a lot further with your cross dressing ?

  • My husband is into cross dressing and I love it he is certainly a lot better man for it, my mother and sister's know because they often stay with us, they gift him female wear for birthdays and Xmas and don't worry about him being dressed around the house one of my sister's is trying to get her husband into it no luck yet but she is not going to give up

  • That is good when my girlfriend started dressing me and making me up for Xdresser parties we used to attend I constantly got aroused and walked around all night with a horn loving my lingerie and female clothes with makeup, we have since married and I still love wearing female gear at home

  • It is great that your girlfriend and you are not too concerned about your fetish and you are not afraid to let others know.
    Do you intend expanding your cross dressing ?

  • You girl is so good letting and encouraging you to express your female side you would be surprised how many men wear panties all the time

  • Hey don't be so embarrassed man, your definitely not the only guy who's done this.
    When you think about it isn't being a man about Maning Up and accepting challenges? In a way your girlfriend was helping you by getting over your insecurities to thing labled as "girly" or "feminine".
    Once you get over these things you are truely The Man in her eyes.
    And that is quite an acomplishment not all guys can acheive.
    Way to go man!

  • CONGRATES! Hey maybe you'll graduate from panties to one-piece swimsuits and maybe cosplay in women's shapewear and fetish wear before sex.
    The best guy a girl can have is a guy who gets over his insecurities of crossdressing and embrace it.

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