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I'm only 32 my husband is 35 we've been married for 6.5 year's. I love him so it's was hard for me to understand why all of a sudden he no longer wanted to give or receive oral sex. At first I thought it was some kind of a phase he was going threw. But after a few months I was feeling hurt or disappointed. I told my best friend about it and her response was WTF men love giving and receiving it and she also said that she would doubt any man would turn me down because of my looks and my physical appearance. I told her I was at a point where I was actually dreaming about it. A few days went by but it was all the two of us would talk about. She opened her mouth to other people and soon it became a huge private conversation between me and many other people. We were at her house having some drinks and a small party for no particular reason, when I received a anonymous text saying damn I would love to eat your pussy. I didn't respond I just put my phone down. Then again my phone made it's noise. The text said don't put your phone down let me know what you think and that I wouldn't have to do it in return. Again I put my phone down and again it went off. This time it said that I was beautiful and who ever it was also said I love your outfit today. Omg I realized that the person was there and I somehow knew them. Before I put my phone down I looked up and seen my husband's friend Jeremy holding his phone and smiling,then looked at his phone and texted me what do you think and stuck his tongue out. I smiled and texted back maybe I want to do it in return too. I thought he was going to jump out of his skin. We texted back and forth a little longer than he disappeared. My next text from him was a video of him jerking off in the bathroom. A few seconds later he came back out side I smiled and went to the bathroom and sent him the same type of video. But before I could get my panties back on the door was unlocked and walked in. He started by trying to kiss me I pushed him back and said we will be caught. he reached between my legs and touched my pussy then put his finger in me. I panicked and got dressed the whole time he was all over me. Today is Wednesday and he has texted me dozens of times and wants to come over , he knows my husband has to work late tonight. I'm sure people think I'm a tramp but I told him that it would be ok to come over. I'm standing by the window waiting on him as we speak.

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  • Please tell us what happened and try to be discriptive.

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