I found out that my husband has cheated on me with my friend. I decided to stay with him but I am no longer friends with her. It's very well known about those two. I came across a porn of a woman on her phone talking to her husband while having sex with some other guy. It struck me as the ultimate pay back. I decided to do it. I have been with his friends and even his boss many times since. The whole time I was on the phone with him. It's turned into something else , I can barely wait for him to go to work or sometime even when he's driving home. The guys all think it's kinky and fun. I'm totally happy

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  • That's both poetic justice and very, very hot! I hope your husband has developed a cuckold fetish, because it sounds like you've become the perfect hotwife. I would LOVE for my wife to do that to me!

    I know a young woman who's married and is also the most wonderfully uninhibited slut I've ever met. I've fucked her several times, at her place and at adult theaters, and I've personally watched her fuck dozens of other guys. Some are regulars but most are complete strangers at theaters. One time when she was getting gang banged at a theater, I was taking my turn, she had several loads of cum on her face, and I was I believe the 7th guy to fuck her that day, when her phone rang. It was her husband, who by the way had no clue that his wife was anything other than 100% faithful. Seeing her phone light up with his name as I was pounding her with a crowd gathered around set me off, and I came hard!

    A buddy of mine fucks her regularly, sometimes several times a week. He was telling me about a time when they were fucking at her place and her husband called. She took the call. She put him on speaker and muted, and they continued fucking and saying all kinds of dirty stuff while he gabbed away about whatever he'd called about. Personally I think that's way over the top, but I can't deny that it's really hot and I'd love to be in his shoes and find out that several men have cum inside my wife in our own bed, and dozens of complete strangers have enjoyed the full pleasures of gang fucking my wife with no more effort required than to pull their cock out and drive it in.

  • Mmmm that’s a great idea, want wife to do this

  • My wife cheated and I founded out about it and left her. Months went by and she was calling wanting to work things out and get back together. One afternoon her friend stopped by as I was on the phone with her. Her friend dropped to her knees in front of me and started sucking my cock. Obviously I became side tract and my wife was asking what was up. Her friend telling me to tell my wife, I finally said Jessie is sucking my cock. My wife got pissed but stayed on the phone asking questions and calling her a bitch .She listened while I told Jessie I was going to cum. It was one of the best orgasms I ever had. The experience allowed me to let go of a lot of anger I had toward my wife. They aren't friends anymore though.

  • Understandable

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