Today I arrived back home from a week long work retreat that was terribly boring. But my amazing wife sent me the sexiest videos and pictures everyday. Pictures of herself fresh out the shower, work outfits, pics of her feet and every night before she went to bed a video of her cumming. Best wife ever. So she got home shortly after me today and I got immediately hard when she walked in the door. But she was on the phone with her friend. She gave me a hug, kiss on the cheek and walked into the bed room. Super confused, so I just go in the living room and watch tv while my erection figures out what going on. But after a few minutes she come out the room. Still on the phone with her friend. But she is only wearing her pantyhose from her work outfit. Though instead of sitting by me she sits on the love seat across from me and ignores me. Dumb me sits there for almost ten minutes before I realize the game she’s playing. Then I pulled my dick out and she smiles and says finally. Then she stands right in front of me, I press my face to her nylon crotch and deep inhale her scent. She never wears panties under nylons and I love it. I feel up and down her nylon legs, making my cock throb more. Then she sits on the floor in front of me and strokes me a few time with her pretty little nylon feet. I was ready to blow but nope she wanted it in her mouth. So she puts her phone on speaker phone and starts sucking the life out of me, phone not on mute. All of a sudden her friend said “you nasty” and my wife starts laughing. Her friend said “I’m trying to talk to you, and you sucking dick, hurry up”. We both were laughing by my amazing wife kept going and her friend kept talking. I dropped a big load my wife’s mouth and she swallowed every bit. That’s it just felt like sharing, long time reader first time sharer.


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  • Best story on here.

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