Father daughter

My father and mother have been divorced for nine years and I have continued to live with my father. I'm twenty five 5 ft 3 in tall long brown hair blue eyes 36b -24 waist. I've been only with my father every since mom left when I was 16. Dad always takes good care of me so I always attend to his needs. I told him any time he wanted it it was there for him.
I know a lot of people don't approve of sexual relationships between father and daughter but dad is my one and only and he is as far as I'm concerned the best. He is always gentle with me and he wouldn't hurt me in any way. I told him I wanted his baby a few months ago. We tried and finally I got pregnant and we were happy.
Daddy is 49 and well built and healthy. I told him I wanted him to have a family he could be proud of and he said thanks Brenda. I love that though and will always hold it next to my heart. I was doing fine until one night I had a miss carriage. I was torn up because I took good care of myself. Dad said we still have a lot of time and I said I know.
We went on for a few more months and seemed like nothing was coming of me getting pregnant again. I said daddy I want so much to give you another daughter so you can raise her like you did me. Daddy said I know baby and we will eventually have one and it will be just like you. I said Daddy thank you for loving me like you do. I got up and put my clothes back on and said I'm going to see a girlfriend of mine and when I get back we can fuck some more ok.
I love my dad so much I will do anything for him and he knows that.


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  • Its the paedo guy writing again

  • It's the want to be a man trying to talk about something he doesn't know anything about

  • Do you know who I am . You need to go back to school and let some one draw you some pictures and let you learn the difference between a boy and a girl.

  • Congrats you will have a deformed mongoloid child that will have a lifetime of ridicule and medical bills. Get preggo by some other seed

  • Yes u are so proved what u say

  • If you don't know somebody keep your mouth shut.

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