Adult Bookstore Crackdown

I love adult bookstores / novelty shops. I read where almost a year ago, in a small town in northern Fl. , they busted one such place. There was a room in the back, where, for seven dollars you could view porn on a big screen in the company of others. If you were a couple ( a man and a woman ) you could enter for free. Yeah, things happened in that room, and the owners knew it, but, when it was busted there were just a half dozen old dudes watching each other jerk off. One of them was 88 ! Made them do the perp walk, put them in jail, smeared them all over the media. I lived in a large town where we had two adult bookstores and when they were busted and closed in the early 80's, the watchers, suckers, and jerkers took to local parks and public bathrooms to indulge their desires. The straights didn't like that either ! So, I guess my question is : shouldn't there be a place for such social interaction, and some degree of toleration ? ( I'm not talking dirty old men flashing your children ! )

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  • I miss the old book store out on hiwy18, a great place to get laid day or night.

  • Why not! It’s only sex and it’s totaly something you chose to do.

  • Absolutely! Adult sex shops are the perfect place for people to have sex. I go to them often to have man on man sex. My wife knows I am Bi and it is ok.

  • I think there should be places like that for adults to go and have a great time sexually but the only problem is some people cannot control themselves. People end up getting hurt or jealous and things get out of control.

  • I lived in Everett Washington they had a adult place like this books videos and sex toys. An arcade watch porn in private rooms one room had a glory hole. I heard about it from friend we joked about it. I was 19 years old at the time it was late at night my girlfriend was only 15 years old. We was leaving the party talking about that place she said let's go in. I didn't think we could get her in as I figured they would ask for ID. She kept pestering me and I figured let's give it a try if they ask she could say she forgot it. But the guy while looking at my girlfriend like he knew never said anything. We went to the room and was watching porn suddenly a huge cock came thru the hole. OMG he's huge she was right as it was extremely thick she giggled I said go for it. She didn't hesitate sucking and stroking this guy's cock. I could hear him moaning and grunting she giggled saying she didn't think white guys had huge cocks like this. The guy on the other side asked of we wanted to party in his apartment. My girlfriend said sure I was so curious as to letting what happens happen and going along. We went out the guy was older in his 40's tall and skinny he looked shocked seeing my girlfriend who was obviously under age. He said follow me to us and we went out to the parking lot we got in his truck. We drove a half hour to his house he said his wife and kids was gone for a week. The picks obviously he had daughters my girlfriend age. My girlfriend only 4'10" 85 lbs looked tiny next to him he stripped naked. She stripped naked he said get naked I want to watch you two fuck.

  • I stripped down and started fucking her and he moved to her mouth she started sucking his huge cock. Nearly 10" long my eyes didn't blink my girlfriend said I want to try a big one. She didn't wait for me to answer nor did he next thing I knew he was grabbing her legs pulling my dick out of her and shoved his huge cock inside her. She gasped and grunted I gasped surprised my tiny little girl took every inch. He was pounding her harder than I've ever fucked her. He face was contorted and he said how she reminded him of his daughter. This made both of them get into it more she giggled calling him big daddy. She smiled at me asking if I was jealous her daddy had a bigger cock. I smiled and asked if he felt better she grunted as he rammed her cunt at a awkward angle. She told him to be careful she's not a prostitute he he pulled her up to him. Slamming her up and down on his cock the two was lost together after she confessed he felt way better. We stayed the night and into the next day he fucked her many times lost count. After when we left she asked me if I thought she was a slot I said it's OK I'm fine it was fun. She giggled saying that guy was amazing fuck she ended up meeting up with him other times I found out. We broke up and she turned into a huge slut after that

  • I realize that this site is a place where most folks are looking for a quick, masturbatory fix. Sorry this isn't some story about being ass-fucked by your Great Dane while wearing used Pampers on your face. Expecting even a modicum of social discourse here, well, what the fuck was I thinking ?

  • So... you don't live there? Yeah... why do you care? Just move. Pervert.

  • What do you care, you weren't arrested.

  • There sure is; it's called a home.

  • Yeah just go home. That's where the rest of us rape.

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