I have never told my husband that I used to regularly visit adult theaters when I was younger. Now it's nearly impossible to find one . I still think about all the things that would happen in the theater's and how incredibly bad they smelled. I was the reason that one got shut down for awhile because it was raided and I was busted and underage. That's why it's not part of my criminal record. I just don't think he would understand if I tell him and I need to talk about it.

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  • Back in the 90's adult theaters were shut down for the most part and a few moved underground so to speak.
    The one big one that was near hear moved into a big old barn which they fixed up and it became a BYOB and they had live music and belly dancers for single guys, opened at 9 in the evening and closed when ever, usually around 10 the next morning when they got the leftovers out.
    I was 18 at the time kinda naive not knowing a lot and I went to work waiting tables and dancing and in no time I became really popular with both the guys and a few gals.
    When the shows began I didn't watch the owner said not for me to young and I left it at that.
    Three months and I was broken in big time 22 guys that night cum every where in me on me ass and my puss full. I was totally nude dancing with guys getting laid right there in front of everyone inviting all to come and dance with me, I wasn't as virgin but I might as well have been for I was taken by whites, Hispanics and Blacks all filling me with their cum. One Hispanic Jose has the biggest cock of any man all 14 inches of him and he buried it all the way in my ass several times even proposed to me for no other gal has ever taken all of him except for me even wished he had a bit more just so I could say to him no more please. Been working there for four years and now only Jose for he's my man and I am his girl no not married but the young bucks know I am not to be messed with.

  • In 92 after much encouragement from my best friend we went into a adult theater and looking around I think we were the only girls there. About five minutes into the movie I whispered into my friends ear god this guy sitting next to me is jerking off she said hell lets get out of here I said I can't he's using my hand.
    This actually happened and happened a lot back then.

  • Tell your husband. Trust him enough to share this with him. You never know, he might get really excited about it.

  • I have wanted to do that many times , I just can't

  • You can. I think most husbands would initially have mixed feelings, but afterwards become curious and excited by it. As long as you haven’t been doing it while married to him it will be ok.

  • I have been dreaming about finding one and going in. I just simply can't find any

  • We still had a theater in the '90s by the college I attended. I (female) used to check it out occasionally with one of my sorority sisters. Wow, lots of dudes with their dicks out. It was funny because the place sold candy and popcorn like any other movie theater.

  • What happened in there? I remember theaters, never got to go in one. I did go do booths in NYC. I think they are anything goes, probably the same as theaters

  • I got laid up after an accident at work for over a year and a half. Money was pretty thin so my wife went to work in one of the those booths in NYC. Made a lot of money and never fucked anyone while doing it. Only problem half the guys in the city have sucked my wife's tits. I moved out of the city in the 90's to Utah. Tell me do they still have those booths? I need to put the wife back to work LOL.

  • Very much so , I was literally the only female that I had ever seen in there. In the beginning of this , I would watch threw the window in the back office where the man took the money. He wouldn't let me in the theater at first , but had no problem doing things with me and vice versa privately as we watched men masturbating and giving each other blow job's. When he finally let me go in he would watch over me making sure that I didn't get hurt. Eventually I became very popular and well known.

  • That's hot. If I could find booths where I live now I would definitely go there. I wonder if there would be any women there or just guys. If I were in the right frame of mind that would be ok but much hotter if there were a woman and if she watched my get used. seems pretty risky though.

  • I have been to a few different states and can not find adult theaters and or booths anymore

  • Why do you need to talk about it? Please share the stories here.

  • I need to talk about it because it's been a long time since I've been and I still think about it almost all day everyday

  • How many cocks did you blow there?

  • Ea time I went was a different amount it , it wasn't just me giving head to guys all kinds of things happened in there.

  • I've been in more than a few of those places. Sometimes there would be woman, usually not. On one occasion a woman took off her top and blew every man who desired a b/j . On another occasion a big woman stripped naked and fucked all takers, but, she made such loud animal noises that even the horniest and ugliest were put off, and people began moving away from her ( including me ). I heard it was shut down for awhile a few weeks later and I wondered if she was the reason.

  • That's probably why , like I was saying most guys just wanted a bj or finger me and masturbate on me. Once in awhile I would have actual sex. I had never seen another female in their . They were in to some kinky weird things there. I think I just happened to be there when the police checked the place out. Which made things worse.

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