My Wife the Grad Student

My wife is 39 and about halfway through her 2nd masters program. She’s still in fantastic shape, and will typically go to class wearing leggings and a very form fitting shirt of some kind. She’s also 5-10 years older than the average age of her class.

It turns me on beyond belief knowing that there are at least some of her male classmates that think of her as the class MILF or the undergrad guys that are checking her out while she’s walking on campus.

Now, I’m not one of those types that wants her to act on any of this. In fact, it’s the opposite. While I’m fucking her, I’ll wonder how many guys today thought about what fucking her must look/feel like, but I’m the one that gets to.

3 months ago


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    • Bet she takes breaks with some young stud who has a fuck room nearby. Like leaving your hot wife at a Hotel bar where the football team is staying.
      Like you being class with 22 year old codes, it crossed her mind.

    • You only think you are the only one that gets to. In reality she is getting fucked almost daily by the young stud who told her how beautiful and sexy she is. She loved having a younger guy hit on her and couldn't turn him down. It is so exciting for her to be fucking a guy who can get it up again and again.

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