Confessed to my best friend

I have a very good friend group. We're 6 guys who've all been friends since Kindergarten. We've gone different directions in our careers but we're all really tight.
A couple months ago, after a very drunken night, I betrayed one of my friends and had sex with his wife while he was working. He's a local cop and had night shift.
About a month after the incident, he called the group to his house on a Saturday afternoon because he "had news for us." We went over, she was nowhere to be seen, and he told us that he asked her to move out and that they were separated while they figured out some things. I knew why in the back of my head but chose to say nothing. We all asked questions and then he said, "To be honest, she cheated on me. She refuses to tell me who but she's hinted at it being one of my groomsmen."
We all looked around and all of our eyes were big. Then he said, "I think I know it was and I want you to come forward. If you do, we can move on and I can get over it. If you don't, I don't think we can be friends any longer."
We all sort of stood there for a couple seconds in stunned silence. I decided to go for it. I spoke up and said, "It was me."
Everyone looked around and then at him. He looked at me and said, "You weren't the one I thought it was but now it makes sense. She always said you were her favorite. Fuck. I need a minute." I just looked at the rest of the group and thought to myself, "I wonder if I'm the only one here who's been with his wife."
He came back to the group and said "I told you if you came clean, we'd be cool. I can't say it's going to be easy but.." I didn't let him say anymore. I just shook his hand, gave him a hug, and whispered sorry in his ear. Since that day though, which was about two months ago, I have wondered and am convinced that I was not the only one in that room that hooked up with his wife. If he didn't think it was me, her "favorite" of the group, then who did he think it was? I guess we'll never know even though I'm dying to. Things with him have been pretty OK so I give him credit for that. He handled it far more maturely than I would have.
anyways, that's my confession and story.

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  • What you did was wrong, but it takes two. You did the right thing by fessing up. As a woman, I can tell you very likely aren’t the only one if he suspected someone else.

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