1000 stroke challenge

Dear ladies - I am a healthy horny 50 yo male about ready to embark on a tortuous 10 day journey to 1000 strokes. For those that don’t know about the challenge I have to strike my hard cock each day starting with 100 strokes and adding 100 each day without cumming until I reach 1000 on day 10. This will be extremely difficult as I normally cum 1 to 2 times every day. If anyone wants to push me, challenge me, tease me, help me or domme me for the next 10 days, I welcome it. XOXOXOXOX

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  • Counting the strokes is distracting. What I do is two minutes cycles; changing hands every two minutes. Got to be at brisk pace. Longest session 23 minutes 34 sec. Shortest 9 min 45 sec.

  • Good. I'll dom you.

    Here's something to watch as you begin your ritual.
    But don't actually touch yourself until you're at 3:34.
    Then you start your action.


  • Oh yeah -- don't forget this one.


  • I’d like to know how it’s going. I don’t believe you can stroke more than ten times without cumming.

  • On day five I couldn’t last any longer. It started in the morning with pre cum leaking from my cock. Several strokes later I expended my hot white load on my hand and stomach. I promise to try again and do better. 🌸💋

  • You must lube before you stroke.

    If you don't make it as realistic as you can, it doesn't count!

  • Thank you. I use coconut 🥥 🌴 oil that works great as a lubricant. I take a small amount, rub it in my hand and then slide my coated hand down my slick shaft. I can imagine a pussy sliding down around my cock, or a woman’s hand with painted nails. I love to also imagine sensuous lips and a wet mouth. I am so horny all of the time.

  • I will - this round 💋

  • It is day four. I woke up with pre-cum leaning from my cock this morning. I am required to have 400 strokes today and it will be incredibly difficult. 10 strokes for you just now. 💋🌸. 399 to go 😬

  • I’d like to lick off that pre cum and see if you can last. I bet you’d cum with my open mouth in front of you.

  • After reading your post I failed and did not complete day five. Too much of a nice image that I couldn’t control myself any longer. I was not disciplined enough :(

  • First, you should go 4 months without ejaculating.

    Not once.

    And no cheating.

    Then, you should begin your stroke-fest.

    Good luck!

  • I need to start with four days first !😂💋

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