Do karate to fight hot girls (and lose)

I've always had a thing for hot girls beating up guys, and like I've literally gone and made my dream a reality. So I've started going to a karate club where I knew there were theses incredibly hot 17 year old girls- a few of them and they were all black belts. It's all ages and I'm 15 so I was allowed to spar with them. However sensai obv doesn't allow anyone getting beaten up in a spar, it's only just like testing our kicks and blocks. However at the end the girls wait around town for like an hour, and I on purpose told my mum that training ends half an hour after it actually ends so I could get the chance to have a handicap spar and it was everything I wanted. So we were in our karate uniforms, however their boobs were very visible and I told them 2 on 1, they thought I didn't know what I was doing they accepted it and laughed. And yeah basically I got beaten the shit out of by two insanely hot and strong karate girls. Beaten from every angle and slowly broken down. Eventually I was lying on the floor and one of them put me in a head scissor hold, squeezing my neck intensely and It hurt to attempt breathing. The other girl started kneeing me in the stomach. I wanted it to go on forever but after like 16 direct knee hits to my abs while I was being choked I had to tap. They helped me up and said it was fun and i said we should do it again and I think that's how every session will go for me. I love it so much it's honestly my dream coming true

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  • Can't be a black belt at 18. I'm any style, highest in youth is red belt until you pass 18 then upgrade

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