Women using Men's Restrooms

I was at a concert last night with my bf and the lines to the women's restrooms were crazy long. And they had maybe twice as many men's restrooms than women's rooms. I told my bf fuck that, we're missing the show, so I got in line to the men's room.

It was kind of amusing, I could see guys giggling, but I needed relief, so when a urinal opened up, I backed up my ass/vagina to the porcelain urinal and let it flow. One guy in line was nice enough to hand me a paper towel so I could wipe my vag.

It was only the second time that I've had to do that--the other was at the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs, when I used the men's room for the same reasons. It was easier there, because guys pee in a trough, not urinals. I could sit on the rim.

Anyway, I'm tired of not having enough places for women to pee at sporting events and concerts. Really, it's fucked up.

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  • I have often used male toilet areas at festivals when the women's area was queued up. I don't know what it is about festivals, for one weekend, you just don't care. One time stands out, i went in the male area, and no cubicles free and i really needed to pee, do i used a urinal. Maybe 20 guys could see me, and were really staring, slightly turned on i have to admit i really didn't try to cover myself, i pulled my skirt right up and knickers were round my ankles. (i think i made most guys miss lol)
    One guy must have been impressed, he came over after u was done and said 'you just don't care do you? I like that' i smiled then he said 'plus you've got a really nice pussy, sorry couldn't help but see' i thanked him, not sure what else to say, then he said 'wouldnt mind seeing it again, get a closer look' i should have ran away, but i went to his tent and we had sex. We didn't even exchange names, no idea who he was. Lol that's festivals

  • Years ago the college I went to had a shower and laundry area in the lower level of the community center building. One morning I was standing in line waiting for a shower to open up and this woman walked right in there and got in line behind me. She told me that the women's area was totally different with separate shower rooms and the women would shower and get totally ready in the room which took way to much time. I saw her shower there dozens of times and she was never shy about it at all and everyone treated her with respect.

  • My wife and daughter's all stand up and pee when we are out in the boat. Pull down the gear, pull up and separate the labia far enough exposing the urethra and let it go. It's amazing how far they can pee when standing. I get excited watching them holding their pussy lips open.

  • Our son who tours the country with band uses the womens RR because they are cleaner. Men are filthy pigs that piss all over everything.

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