Paid and laid

Im a 34 year old black male who drives on behalf of Uber and one night I picked up this beautiful white girl who had bright red hair she must had freshly dyed. Nice set of perky tits and a very nice thick curvy ass, she is a 22 year old college student

I picked her up. We talked the whole ride, she was telling me she just had a fight with her boyfriend who she found out cheated on her recently. In total the ride was 45 mins. We got to where she lives and she invites me to come into her place and chat more and share a drink. I figure OK I don't got any customers waiting. So I go up to her place we chat for awhile.
Next thing that happens is we start kissing, I'm like oh damn cause I never had sexual contact with a white girl before. I have always been into black girls or Spanish girls. We kissed for awhile and my dick started to get really hard. She moves her hand down and starts rubbing my dick on outside of my pants. We keep kissing she keeps rubbing. Shortly after she pulls away and says I never had black dick but I want now and starts to unzip my pants pulls my dick out and starts sucking on it like crazy.
I could only think to myself as she is sucking on my dick,litterly gagging on my dick and squeezing my balls that she is using me for revenge against her boyfriend.

She backs me up to the couch I sit down, she fixes her hair then straddles me and slowly works her way down on my dick.
She starts riding away moaning and screaming at same time. Im loving those tits in my face as I suck on them and my hands gripping that nice thick ass of hers while she grinds away. That pussy is so nice and tight around my dick. She orgasms on my dick. Then gets off and starts sucking my dick. Shortly after she bends over the arm of the sofa and I get behind her and get my dick right back in that pussy.
I start having my way and bang the hell out her. Her moans get me all hot.I just bang her harder and faster making her only wish her white boyfriend was half the man I was.
Felt her cum on my dick again. I get in there deeper with my thrusts. Finally I felt I was going to cum. I thrust faster tell her I'm going to cum. She just moans oh yes cum in that pussy please. So I was like OK. Fucked for for another minute went in as far as my dick could go so she felt it and lit that pussy up with my cum. Shortly after I left.
Got paid and laid.
Part of me felt after I left is part of her revenge plot against her boyfriend was to get pregnant by another man. I was very surprised when she wanted me to cum. I even had condoms with me and she didn't wanna use them.
It was an experience.

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  • Fuck it’s some jealous commenters on here lmao

  • Another disgusting beastiality post.

  • Another offensive, ignorant response to a post.

  • Sounds like another black dude wanting to fuck an innocent white girl fantasy... here’s my surprised look 😱

  • Innocent? She fucked him.

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