I am attracted to my mom's feet,what should I do?

I am a 14 years old boy,since I was a little kid I loved the way female feet look,smell and growing up I developed a strong foot fetish. At the age of 11 my attraction to feet became sexual and I get aroused by looking at feet. I also watched videos of foot worship on YouTube and I wanted to try it in real life. I have no sister and my school is for boys only so my mom was the only female I know. I loved the way her feet look and smell. So I put her feet far from the bed and slided down to the shoes and kissed them i repeated that many times an because of the friction I actually cum,and it was the first time I ever masturbated and I didn't even know what was happening. I stopped masturbating for over a year now but still whenever she kicks her heels I can't but stare at her feet. She noticed one and told me why i am staring and I denied it. Yet a week ago i told her i have a foot fetish but i never told her i was attracted to her feet


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  • This is what's called a "Boot Fetish". You feel yourself becoming a "Heal" and need healing as you can't get much lower in life than that.

  • I have the same kind of a problem. It's not my mom's feet though, it's her breasts. They're not huge, maybe the size of large oranges, but they're perfect in every way for what I love. First they have no noticeable sag, they're perfectly round, and her areolas are round the size of half dollars, maybe a little bigger. They're a darker pink in color, but I wouldn't want them anything else. Her nipples are almost always hard and close to a half inch long when they are. They're a little bigger around than a pencil. She's got a great body too, and I'd love to play with her tits and nipples while I fuck her pussy.

  • Hi you sound very simi!at to me I love feet especially mum's in nylons toes painted and love the smell of mum's tights ,I did get caught sniffing her tights in the wash basket she took off from work so she decided to put them back on and I lay on the floor with her feet over my nose and mouth very embarrassing but so good too I had a bulge in my jeans but in a way I'm glad I got caught as it went on for a few years massage her feet kissing,kicking and sucking hers toes ,what are you going to do now?

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