Being a good Scout Leader is best with a man friend

I volunteered to work with the Boy Scouts when my son was in Cub Scouts. The mothers did the Cubs and the men did the Boy Scouts. I went to a class to learn the rules and the badges. And I got my shirt and trousers and socks. I looked the dork I thought I looked like, the secret a fellow Scout Leader told me , don't look at yourself in the mirror.

I started out as a helper, getting to know the ropes. I worked with a troop of six boys, all of them typical losers. Not an ounce of physical skillset, that's why their fathers put them in Scouts, to make men out of them. Well, that was my son, in few years when he turned eleven.

Then one day, out of the blue, a Scout Leader asked me if I could come by his house on Saturday and help him. I said sure, part of my job as a Scout Leader was to help. I'll cut to the chase, he had one hard, big cock, that needed sucking. And it the hardest thing to do, refuse a hard thick cock. I was seventh heaven. I sucked him to completion and sat back happy as a lark. But he wasn't through.

He sucked my cock, he worked my cock with his hand, and he asked me to lower my dork shorts and lean over the coffee table. Now he was big, I felt every inch of him, big and strong and he liked to fuck until a man begs him not to stop. From where I was bending over the coffee table I could see this cat looking in the window. Great a 'pussy' watching me get fucked. It was good, I asked him not to stop, but nature knows better and he came in me before pulling it out.

In things like these, volunteer stuff, it is good to have a fuck buddy. I have mine. He is a kisser, which I like, and he is way stronger, which I like. He's a natural outdoors man, which I'm not. It's good to get away on Saturdays, away from my wife. Spend man time together. Real men like Scout Leaders. Where the hard dicks lord it over the men who present themselves. A natural combination.

Apr 6

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    • I thought this story was going in another direction when you started out by saying “the men did the Boy Scouts”.

    • My dad walked in on me giving my two scout leaders a blowjob,I was only 13 at the time,I thought he was going to go mad and so did the leaders,instead he told me to carry on and watched for a minute,it was all a bit tense until he stood with my leaders infront of me and undid the buttons on his jeans,he pulled his cock from his pants telling me to suck all three of them,my leaders relaxed and said why don't we show your father what we do with you,they pulled me to my feet and bent me over one of the tables,they started to fuck me and asked my father what he thought? Looks tight I heard him saying,it is he said pushing his cock in my arse,my dad's cock was bigger than the other two and they continued using my arse until they'd all cum inside me

    • Pedo

    • When I was 14 my scout leader had sex with me, and I liked it. When I got older I became a scout leader and the grandson of my scout leader was in my troop, well you know what happened.

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