Mother May I

My mom was a little depressed after her divorce so she decided wine was the answer on a few weekends.
One day after she got tipsy, had her usual rant and passed out in the kitchen, I did my duty and carried her back to her bedroom. As I laid her down I accidentaly brushed her breast. I was 15, and my penis didn't know it was my mom, so I was at full attention. My mom was a MILF before the word was invented, as evidenced by several of my friends remarking they would love to "do" my mom. She had long black hair, brown eyes, wore a little to much make-up, and loved clothes that showed a little to much skin. Oh, and 32 B cup boobs. with candy corn sized nipples.
As i laid her down her boob brushed my hand, and she didn't stir. I looked around to make sure no one was watching and I reached down and squeezed her little cupcake sized titty softly. She still didn't move, so I pulled her top up and out popped her titty. By this time My shorts were getting very tight, so I unbuttoned and unzipped and let them drop to the floor. Since I always go commando junior was out in the open and hard as a rock.
I figured she was passed out and I was horny as hell who would know.
I managed to get her tube top and shorts off, and climb into the bed without her even stirring. There was a tinge of remorse as I slipped between her legs, but not enough to stop my teenage brain from doing proceeding. She moaned as I entered her, and even whimpered while I was fucking her. I ended up having sex with her three times that night and about ten more times over the next few months when she decided to have a little drink. She never figured it out, but one time she asked what she had eaten the night before because her tongue was coated and I didn't have the guts to say, my cum. LOL

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  • I agree with excellent. You are simply excercising a man's right to do what nature intended & why women were created for man.


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