Married Secretary

I finally got my married secretary to give me a blow job. She isn't all that hot but I have been trying to get more that good titty feels for a year. When I got my dick in her mouth and she started sucking it I shot my cum in about a minute. She didn't swallow but I didn't care.

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  • My wife works at a bank. Her boss is very rich and very black. My wife has always said it makes her sick to think about having a black man inside of her. But I went through some old boxes the other day and found a huge black dildo. Plus lots of porn videos of wives with blacks. So now I know that she fantasy of being with her black boss. So the next time we had sex I asked her about the things I found. Told her if she came clean and told me everything I promise I want be mad. She said no matter what I tell you you want be mad. I said yes. She then admitted that her boss had been using her for 2 years. I asked how big he was? She said 12 inches. Bigger than her black dildo. She said what are we going to do now. I said she could have sex with him but only when I watched. WOW!!!!!

  • And when she gets a couple pics on her phone and dribbles some of your spunk onto her shirt for DNA how you gonna explain to HR and legal that it was all consensual and you weren't harassing her? She's gonna get a payday and a half from the company, and you're gonna get fired. Hope you enjoyed the knobber.

  • When you say finally, how long did it take you?

  • You should really ask if she is spit or swallow first, the really hot ones will say gargle. Zoe

  • Just hope she doesn't sue you for sexual harassment.

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