Piano Instructor popped my cherry at Thirteen

It was spring of 1995 when I was 13, I was practicing for my spring music recital with my instructor when my mom had to leave unexpectedly. She left me with him alone one day after school to tend with her issue. I would always giggle and tease with Mr. C during piano practice. This afternoon it went way beyond that!!!

I had already kissed a couple of nit wit boys from school, I went to a private school and the boys were so immature. I also had begun playing with myself under the covers in my bedroom at night, I think all girls do by my age at this time!

During piano practice my mom leaves and I am alone with Mr. C. He leaves for a few minutes and returns with a glass of lemonade for us both, I drink a bit then he tells me to continue playing my piece as he stands behind me. He then tells me to hold on and says for me to try to relax my body as I play, that I am too tense. He puts his hands on my shoulders and starts to rub and massage them softly. I feel them start to move to the buttons of my school uniform blouse, one button undone, two buttons undone, hands over the cups of my bra, he starts to caress and squeeze them softly. I just seem to lean back towards him. He responds by saying that's my girl, relax that I am going to love this, and continues to lift my blouse up towards me to unbutton more buttons. It has completely come out from under my skirt and he has it all undone and opened apart and goes back to caressing my breast over the bra and then starts to go under the cups and pinch my nipples. I want to die in excitement!!! Let's undo this skirt Brandi are his next words as he reaches for the buttons on the side. I can't stop him, I want him too!! One button undone, two buttons undone, the last one is undone and my skirt is flinged open, my tiny baby blue nylon bikini panties in full view to him. He moves his hand to the center of my v and starts to rub. I try to snare him by putting my legs close together, he says no... to Open them, he wants my legs wide apart... That I will love this,,, With his hands he pushes both my legs away from each other as far as they can go it seems. He is rubbing vigorously over my panties, I start to enjoy the friction, I feel his hand under them now, he's found my opening easily, his finger is inside me, he makes me put my left feet on the bench I am sitting on, I am on fire!!! Mr C, then says let's see how good I taste, the bench is long , he grabs my shoulders and leans me towards laying on the bench, my legs straddle the bench, he says for me to lift my hips let's gets these off. I do as he says as he grabs my bikini panties and peels them off me, they are gone, he puts his mouth on my pussy and starts to lick and slurp with his tongue.

I then hear the phone ring, his answering machine comes on, it's my mom saying she will be an hour more, he looks at me at smiles and says, brandi, now I have time to make your pussy talk!! I have no idea what he means. He grabs me and says turn around lay on the bench on my stomach, he makes me lift my butt up, grabs my hand and makes me move apart one of my butt cheeks, he slaps the head of his cock on my opening, I feel him use his spit on my pussy, lots of it, he plows his cock slowly in my virgin pussy until he gets it all in. He seems to want to shove it deep,, he then pulls out a bit, and puts more spit and starts to rock back and forth... You hear that, you hear that he says out loud, I hear the friction of slopping, that's your pussy talking Brandi, that's your pussy talking. I am loving every movement and moment!!!

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  • Risky.... but I would love to be him. There is something very exciting about having sex with a young woman who enjoys sex so much because she has not had sex a million times. Makes a man feel powerful.

  • Nice

  • Unlike the dude below I like this story and I would love to hear more. Reading it made me cum!!!!!!!!!!! I' 15 female and very sexy.

  • Consider you are the same sick pervert old fuck who wrote this crap, yeah you would say that. And NO, you are Faaaaaar from being a 15 year old female. More like a 40 year old fat ass old as fuck dude with a little dick that looks like a small turtle sticking its head out. Go find some tweezers so you can wank your little pud you sick old fucker.

  • What's your e-mail and I will tell you more of my youth and give you some pointers...you still a virgin?

  • Fake news. You are a dude who wishes he could do that. No fucking 13 year old girl talks like that. "my tiny baby blue nylon bikini panties". No, a girl would have just said her blue panties. Too much detail, which means too much thought, which mean you are a dude. And a sick fucking dude at that. Stop thinking about little girls you sick fuck.

  • Hope he blew inside you.

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