Should I go for it?

So the fittest girl in my school thinks I am hot, and has arranged to meet up with me. She lost her virginity when she was 12 and is down for everything- I've been dreaming about her for 3 years and now she wants me. The only problem is her ex, she broke up with him last week. Today him and his friends beat me until I couldn't move, and stole my money and all my stuff. I've been told that if I even look in the direction of her again, they will torture me and fuck me. So either I risk them not finding out, so I can have the best sex of my life with my biggest crush ever, or get enialated in every way by a gang of guys. I am excited and petrified

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  • I should go for it but i won't cuz i am fat and ugly and sad and feel so ugly and hated by the world. i should go for it but i am too shy and poor. i should go for a lot of things but i never win and got pushed down so i stopped even trying. i should go for it but everytime i do someone cuts me down.

  • My aunty wants to have sexy love makey makey with tommy metphos and dreams about him and i can see a fight happening there. I should be the one going for it because I am his age and single but my aunty is in her 70s and wants him so i think all she will do is make a fool of herself and a catfight will break out there. she thinks i can afford to go to all the shows but i can't. i don't have the money she does. and i can't afford to be going out all the time to have my heart broken and its not like i would meet some other nice man while out anyway. i gave that idea up a long time ago. i just wish she would ask and shout us now and then. i have nothing against tommy i like him and his music its just that i don't want to make a fool of myself and fall for him cuz been there and it was not fun being made fun of by rockbands and never found a nice man who was confident and ask me out to date proper style like , every night i got dressed up no man gave me the love i needed or make me feel special or give me a invite and mean it and follow through and make me feel safe. no man asked me out ever. its was half hearted as always.

  • I had the same experience in school. Looking back now I wished I had told.
    Another time I got severely punched out and bled all over. I didn't tell but someone who saw it reported it. Kid got expelled but never touched me again.
    In the end I got my revenge. I married his sister. We are good friends now. Can't say I wasn't nervous at first about it.

  • Awww, how sweet, go ahead and let those boys pull a train on you while she watches ! You'll never forget it !

  • Agree with calling the cops. You have something that her ex never had--and she wants it. Just don't fall for her too hard. Enjoy her, but don't get too hung up. You are likely young and have a lot of great pussy in your future.

  • Go for it, fuck them punks if he finds out at least you tagged his ex. If he beats you up you will have the biggest grin on your face that you fucked her. Then grow a pair and beat the fuck out of him, because what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

  • Go to your crush you little worm, don't leave something that you want.

  • Call the cops. Get those punks arrested.

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