I installed video in the bathroom at my office.

I own an architect firm. We aren't very big and our office is a really nice older home built in 1932. It's a great old home. Very beautiful with large rooms and high ceilings. We were having an issue with office supplies being taken from a storage closet in the up stairs bathroom. It happens to be the ladies room. So all the ladies that work for me use it at one time or another. I would turn on the recorder that I hid facing the window and the toilet when we closed each evening. One day I forgot to turn it off and when I was reviewing the tape I saw several of the gals using the potty. Oh man I felt my cock growing when I saw them raising their dresses and pulling down their panties. You can hear them peeing in the toilet. I also heard them fart and turds dropping plop, plop into the water. I saw them wipe their pussies and ass's. Some stand and turn towards the camera while pulling up their panties so I could see their pubic hair styles. I found out my secretary is totally clean shaven. Her pussy looks amazing. I put in a new tape and kept the old one. There is a flashing red light when it's recording so I put a piece of electrical tape over it. Would not be good to get caught video recording my female workers. I have even captured a few of my clients wives in the bathroom. One wife was playing with her pussy while taking a dump. That was so awesome. I can't share the tapes with any of my male employees they would use it against me. I love seeing the ladies handling their business. Like one of the young gals removing a tampon and installing a new one. One of the secretaries is eight months pregnant . Love seeing her hairy swollen pussy and big belly. I have also heard some interesting conversations. Including a client's wife talking sexually to someone other than her husband. She even setup a rondeavu with her lover. I am finding out some interesting things. My secretary hates her sisters husband and even kicked a huge dent into his new Mercedes-Benz. She also told a friend she has me wrapped around her little finger and that she catches me checking her out. She admitted to posing for me so I could get sneak looks at her breast , legs , and snatch. She removes her panties in the bathroom then sits so I can see her. If only she knew I've seen it all. She said I want to fuck her and she would do it for a nice raise . I may have to grant her , her wish. I love being the boss. Everyday is so super you never know what will be seen and heard.

10 months ago

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    • My ex-MIL worked for a dentist who put a video camera in the ladies room, and didn't put tape over the recording light, and was caught. His excuse ? He thought somebody was stealing office supplies. Most of the women, even well-paid hygenists quit, but, ex-MIL didn't. I reminded her that he had video of her too. My FIL asked, "Who in the hell wants to see people pee and crap ? " , while she made pithy benefit of the doubt excuses. Eventually, his business dwindled away, and he had to move to another state. Hey, that's the breaks.

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