The woods

A few years ago my wife and I decided to drive to the woods, where we knew couples would go for a bit of fun. When we got there, the carpark was occupied by a few other cars, but all of the occupants were nowhere to be seen. So we decided to go for a bit of a walk. After a while we found a secluded spot just off the footpath where we put a blanket on the ground, and sat down. As it was a lovely summer's day my wife was wearing a summery dress, so I put my hand up her dress and started to play with her pussy.
After a while we realised that we were not alone, and noticed a guy hiding in the trees spying on us. So I got her to alter her position so he had a good view of her pussy. We continued to play and he kept watching. Things were getting hotter and my wife was writhing about as I played with her pussy, the next thing I can remember is that hat the guy came out from behind the trees, and stood in front of us playing with his cock. I invited him over for a closer look, eventually he got a bit braver, and asked if he could play with her pussy, I said he could, so he started off by fingering first with one finger, then two, eventually he was using 4 fingers in her sopping wet pussy and she was writhing about loving it. After a while he asked if he could fuck her, I said yes, so he got on top of her and started to fuck her hard and fast. He didn't last long and he was soon shooting his load into her. Once he'd finished he got up and disappeared, but another guy turned up from nowhere and took the other guys place and fucked her
Once again he didn't last long and was soon cumming up her pussy. Once again he soon disappeared and left her laying there on her back with her dress up around her waist, and cum flowing out of her pussy. I found the sight so sexy I just had to fuck her too, so I fucked her soppy pussy, it was a lovely feeling pushing my cock into he cum filled pussy, and I was soon adding my cum to the other two loads. When I had finished I pulled out of her and her pussy overflowed with hot foamy cum. After a while we went back to the car, and drove home
When we got home she made me clean her out, it was so horny.
Hopefully we will be able to do the same again.

Mar 28


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    • It took a while to convince my wife Laura to go dogging,we were both really nervous the first couple of times but we soon got used to it especially Laura anyway,I told a few of my mates about our fun but didn't expect one of them to tell my father about it,I told the guys what night we were there but didn't tell Laura,it was a lovely summer evening and a guy came over to our car and asked me if it was OK for Laura to give him a blowjob,yes I answered then another guy came over,she was on her knees sucking two cocks when I saw my mates approach,I gave them the nodd and Laura looked surprised to see three of my mates that she knew getting their cocks out! Go on I said to her,she looked more turned on than ever,I watched her sucking my friends off before they pulled her up and bent her over the car bonnet,they took it in turns to fuck her then another man walked over, fucking hell dad I shouted! I had to see for myself he said, next thing he's got his cock out wanking watching his daughter in law get fucked, Laura changed positions sitting on the bonnet opening her legs for the guys when she saw my dad! She jumped off the car and ran behind me, don't hide that pussy from me Laura please my dad said, it's fine babe I said to my wife,Laura looked shocked at my decision and one of my mates pulled her back to the car,she got into the same position as she was and my dad was stood 3rd in the line waiting, my dad looked over to me as he got between her legs,he fucked her filling her pussy with his spunk

    • You let your father fuck your wife. You are a sick fuck. Did you vote for Trump. Bet you did

    • Bet you were on Epstein’s island more than a few times.

    • You spelled Biden wrong. You know like how he showered with Ashley. How Hunter was taped with children. Stop projecting.

    • Me and my wife stopped in a picnic area for a break we had both dosed off to sleep . I eventually woke up my wife was still asleep when I noticed a guy standing beside my wife's door . At first I just watched to see what he was up to he was trying to look down her top and up her skirt , That moment he noticed me watching him I pulled my wifes skirt up exposing her tiny panties then unbuttoned her top showing her bra .Eventually I told my wife what I had done instead of being angry it turned her on , now she wants to do it again to see what happens

    • My wife and I used to do this kind of thing, but at sex clubs and swing clubs, when we are far from home. We even hired West Coast GangBangs to film a gangbang with her too. We paid so we could get the only copies and not have them hit the internet

    • Why?

    • Nice fiction.
      How? You ask the GIRL if he can touch her - unless she's stoned out of her mind - not the guy!
      The girl controls ALL the action with her body. Guys just think they do.
      Signed - a 33 yr old female

    • Would you want that to happen to you?

    • Some people think they know everything 33 year old female.

    • Great read.
      My wife and I have had a threesome with my mate. I loved feeling his cum inside her when I fucked her.

    • What species was the 3rd participant? No doubt 4-legged.

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