A young woman wants to dater me and I'm old

I frequent a store for work related business. At this store there is a young woman about 22 to 24 years old. I'm 58. She always flirts with me and recently started hinting that we go out on a date. She's kind of cute, slightly over weight and has a great personality . I can tell she's very attracted to me. I know I'm too old to think about a woman as young as that, I have 2 daughters her age but she's the one trying to make something out of it. I'm divorced,and I honestly would love to take her out and would like a few opinions on the subject about the age difference of 35 years. I would not mind dating her or even getting lucky and having sex with her but a serious long term relationship at this point seems ridiculous. Would I be wrong to date her and have sex with her if she puts sex on the table?

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  • I am 22 single and I am strongly attracted to a fellow I know at the shop where I get my car worked on and he asked me if I would go out with him to Red Lobster for dinner and the third time he asked me I accepted. It was a awesome dinner and I really had a great time and on the way home for I left my car at his place he placed his hand on my thigh and left it there. soon he began moving it higher and higher till he was beneath the bottom of my skirt and I still did nothing for it felt good and I was becoming aroused. A long story short he fingered me as we approached his house and we ended up having sex in his house for nearly five hours. It was out of this world for he took me to heights I've never been to before and I never in my life had so many orgasms. so many I became weak in his arms and we fell asleep in each others arms for the rest of the night and when he awoke just before me he was kissing my body and we ended up staying in bed all that morning and again he fucked me making me cum hard on his cock and I'd suck him hard and he'd do me all over again.
    Like I said I am 22 and he is 56 and I never knew a guy his age could ever please a girl my age, but boy was I wrong.
    We now are sexual partners several times a week, he's even asked me to move in with him and he'd pay all my bills. Tempting but I just don't know.

  • Poke the shaft to her if you can. Just be aware that it wont last for very long, she will eventually get board with the "older man" thing, and run off with some young stud.

  • Do it. I wish I had a hot young woman lusting after me.

  • I'm 58 as well and I'd get between her legs as much as possible. I'm currently having a affair with a married 38 year old that's kinky and a freak at sex. My wife of 40 years has very little desire for sex any longer, so I've had this affair going on 7 years now. My mistress will do anything and I love the sex with her. Will never change eithers marriage situation though. I love sending my little married petite mom home to her unsuspecting husband with her pussy full of my cum, mmmmmmmm!

  • I had sex with a younger lady on the weekend and trust me you will like it, they cum like crazy when you have a large cock and they say no young guy can do that to them. Just do her

  • Go for it! I dated men your age when I was that young. I can't believe you're even asking.

  • Sex on the table? I'd take sex anywhere! Jokes aside, she's not asking you to marry her - just ask her out, see what happens. You're assuming she wants a relationship, she may not.

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