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We recently had our bathroom remodeled leaving it very exposed through a big new window that was installed. We just haven't had time to get some window coverings. I was in the shower and had that feeling someone was watching. I told my husband about it later. He went around the outside and told me that it was possible that the guys that live in the four plex next door snuck over the fence and were watching. Of course I wanted to call the police. My husband just laughed and said it's not a big deal just guys having fun and I should not be worried about it. That strange feeling became a normal part of my life and morning. I continued to tell my husband about it. One morning he said give them a show he straight up told me to do some very kinky things , he felt that in some way would relax me. The next time I felt like someone was watching I masturbated myself to a small orgasm . He was right it was relaxing . Eventually it became clear that I was looking forward to doing this , almost every day. I became more and more aggressive until one morning I couldn't control my hormones. I wrote on the window in lipstick that I am waiting in the bedroom. I went to my room and began pacing , I heard the the back door close oh my god was my heart going crazy. I slipped off my robe . Naked I lay on my back. Staring at the door knob. When it started turning slowly I thought I was going to throw up. It was worse when it opened and I could see at least 3 faces . I closed my eyes , I spread my legs a little more. I felt hands all over me. I realized I was about to have sex with multiple men at the same time . What kind of woman does this . I need more than a confession I should seek professional help

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  • Thats so hot...you are a sexy woman...maybe do it more....let your husband watch and masturbate

  • Very very hot I'm so hard now

  • Hot thanks for sharing

  • You had fun right?

  • Yes I had fun it was simply incredible

  • Tell us more !!!

  • I don't know what else to say I'm sure you know what happened

  • What's your address I'll be right over.

  • Lol ty for being you

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