Shared wife now what

My wife and I got married young, at 21 years old. One night my friend was in town and stayed with us. We had a small apartment in the city and he was to sleep on the sofa. We went out drinking from bar to bar and had a great time. I noticed him checking out my wife and I knew he thought she was hot from when I started dating her and told me how hot she was. When we got back to the apartment at about 3 am he hit the sofa and my wife and I went to the bedroom. We were newlyweds and immediately started kissing and undressing and my wife was going down on me. She said her mouth was dry and needed a glass of water but that she'd have to walk through the living room where my friend was to the kitchen and she asked me to get it for her. I said just go, he's probably asleep and I'm f he's not he'll get a peep show, he's been checking you out so he'll like that. Her expression was a naughty smirk and she walked to the door and cracked it open then walked out naked on her tippy toes toward the kitchen. I heard voices and got up toward the door, he was awake and she asked if he was comfortable enough. She came back to the room giggling and ready to get back to bed. She was excited about having flashed her naked body, I could tell. I said you probably made him really horny, Gould ask him if he wants a BJ. Her mouth opened and her eyes went wide and she said no way! I said why not, it's just a BJ. Just ask. She went out again, tipsy and giggling and excited at the naughtiness and stood at the door and called out, hey would you like a blow job? Of course he answered back yes. She turned and gave me a I told you so semi angry playful look and went in the last bing room. After about a minute of quietness I got up and peeked in. He was sitting on the sofa and she was on her knees in front of him naked jerking him. He was feeling her boobs and she started sucking his cock. I watched for a couple of minutes then came over to her from behind and started having sex with her while she kept sucking my friend's cock. I told her to switch and we moved onto the sofa and she switched sides to she was sucking my cock while my friend was having sex with her from behind, we switched back after a few minutes. My friend came and she didn't take it in her mouth she just jerked him and I came in her. My wife and I went to shower then bed and my friend stayed on the sofa. When I woke up my wife wasn't in bed, and I could smell coffee in the air. I went to the living room and she was on the sofa on her back with my friend on top missionary with my wife. He pulled out and came on her tummy. I was jealous but knew it was my fault so I got on right after him and had sex with her and came in her sort of reclaiming her. I told her while we showered together that I did not want her having sex with him at all anymore and her having sex with him before I woke up was not okay. She apologized and I accepted. We ate breakfast and he left. She told me when she woke up and made coffee and sat with him on the sofa they talked about the threesome and that they both liked it and he started putting his arm around her and kissing her and she thought I'd be okay with it. She said that when I walked in they'd only just started having sex about two minutes before.

I'm not mad at her, it was sexy and we both liked it but I think I opened a huge can of worms.

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