I love it when people sit on my face. The only requirement I need is for the people to be heavier then me. Any gender, and older then me. I tricked my friend into sitting on My face. I told her it was a game, you both stand on one foot, and whoever fell first, gets sat on. Before starting, I told her you can bounce. I told her that I seen it in a video and the person farted on the person they were sitting on. So if she needs to she can. Of course I fell first, and I asked her if she wanted to take her pants off. She said why not and did it. I play this "Game" with her all the time, of course so she wouldn't catch on I would win. When she is on me, I let her do this for hours, and not letting me breathe, I have tricks for this I will write in the comments. She has a brother and sister. They are both heavy so the sit on me too. To be honest if some stranger asked if they could sit on my face I would say yes lol.

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  • My tricks:
    Breath in the b hole! I love this one because she always farts, I love putting my mouth or nose in there;)

    Put your face to the side and breath.

    Lol she just finished watching a two hour movie on my face, didn't get off once.
    She is sitting on my stomach right now, she is light and a heavy sleeper. I could easily get her on my face.

    When we eat(in public too) she sits on my lap.
    If we are with friends, the heaviest one will sit on my face, and down. Everywhere we go, someone sits on me. Even on the toilet, if whoever sits on me has to go to the bathroom, I either spread my legs, or open my mouth. I don't take showers, only baths, someone needs to sit on me of course. Walking around, someone would be riding my hip, if I'm alone, I would quickly ask someone to sit on my face for a few hours. Sleeping, someone is always on my face or stomach, if I'm at a party, I would lay on a bench, and put a sign pointing to me, sit here. At school, heaviest person sits on my lap, at lunch I lay down and someone sits on my face, and farts. Usually what I eat. At gym, someone sits on my back while I "run". At music, I sing. Someone could sit on my back or stomach easily. After school, my heaviest teacher will come to my house and sit for a few hours. Sometimes this happens in class.
    One time 6 people wanted to play a game with me. A sitting dice game. I lay down, and they explain the game to me.
    Roll the dice
    1-Sit on feet
    If a place is already taken, they sit on the lap of the person already there.
    One time all of them were on my face. They decided to stay there for half an hour and I loved it.
    You can play this game too! It's on pornhub.

    Email for pictures and videos of me getting sat on!

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