Mom’s girlfriend won’t stop hitting on me

My mom’s girlfriend is a total perv and won’t stop hitting on me. I’m 15, I’m not into girls, and I don’t want to fuck you, Beth!

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  • What does your mom think about all this?

  • She says it’s “cute.”

  • My mom is gay, bi-polar and pretty fucked up sexually. She constantly encouraged her friends to hit on me, from age 10.One weekend when I turned 15, they slipped me extacsy and kept me high for 3 days. I end up going down on all four of them and being fucked with a strap on all weekend. They used me as a fucking sex toy, I just gave up and accepted I must be gay as I came so much.

    My mother was with me the most, we 69 at least 10 times. I hated myself for cumming from her oral. She had squinting organism from oral with me. After that weekend mom and her lover just used me when ever they wanted.

    I know I'm sick and a perverted as i cum from them using me. Why do I cum so hard from 69 with my mother!

    I never wanted to be a lesbian or have incest with my mother. I'm 25 now and all I do all day is go down on them.

  • I was involved with my Aunt Kelly (my mother's sister) sexually from 10 until i was 40. Kelly was 30 years older than me and she passed this year at 70.

    I have only known her touch and am a virgin with men. I miss her so much we were so in love. I know what she started was incestuous and she liked young girls but I kept her sexually satisfied and she never was with another girl but me. I never wanted or do I want another woman now. I spend my days masturbating to the hundreds of videos she made of us have sex.

  • In the end you will have sex with her. My mom's friend Ann she was 38 did that to me. I finally gave in hoping she would be satisfied. It did not, I came so hard from her oral. She said, see I knew you were into girls.

    I ended up in a 5 year relationship with her, I was 21 when it ended. She just dumped one day. I year later I found out she has with a girl who just turned 14 year old girl for 18 months. It hurt so bad, I thought Ann loved me, but she is just a female into young girls.

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