Had to be honest with him

I finally broke down and told my husband that I have cheated on him numerous times since we have been married. He had only a few questions like why . My answer was easy , it's because I need sex more than once or twice every month or two. He understood , he really didn't seem to surprised actually and admitted that he has no sex drive and really didn't want to do anything about it , like pills or see a doctor or something. We are not that old so that was different to hear , especially because almost every man I know is all over having sex with me. He got up and said I just don't want you to leave me , I can live with the fact your having sex with other men but I don't know if I can handle you leaving me. The other thing he asked for was pictures and videos of my sexual excursions. Again I was floored he said maybe it will revive his sex drive. This all happened about this time last year. I can't tell you how many times I have sent him videos and pictures with no response. This Friday out of the blue he texted me and asked if I would be willing to try multiple men at the same time , I answered with if that's what you want. He said he wanted to watch it in person so for me to set it up. I did and half way through it he simply got up, went down stairs and started drinking beers. Meanwhile I was getting pounded by guys in our bedroom. When it was finally over he hasn't said anything to me about it. I'm not sure what to think about my life any more.

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  • I'm sorry to hear that the love of your life has no sex drive. My aunt had a similar problem, the no sex drive thing, and they discovered she had undiagnosed diabetes and heart problems that affected her libido. If he still can't get aroused from all you sexual 'excursions' then it's likely he has a health problem, but if he doesn't want to get it checked then it's selfish of him of depriving you of sex, so I guess you need another man.

    Concerning your husband's apparent fetish to see his wife banged by other men, it's likely that your man gets aroused by seeing you with other men, or that he's probably bisexual and needs to be cuckolded, hard. If you already got gangbanged by many men then why not find a suitable Bull to live with you two and revive that lost libido? Use some cuckold websites to find the Bull that will satisfy you and your husband's sexual needs.

    On another note, I find it very sexy and an incredible turn on to hear that your man allows you to f u c k other men. Why not invite him to one of your f u c k sessions, maybe all he needs is to be invited into a nasty threesome with you and another man. If he's bisexual, accept it and use it to your advantage to awaken your sexual life again with the man you seem to love with all your heart.

  • I will try that again I don't know what else to do.

  • Can i ask how old are you both

  • He's 45 I'm 39

  • He is for sure a cuckold bring him a BBC and let the party begins

  • Honey, there is something seriously wrong with your husband. He seriously needs to get EVERYTHING checked out. If he can't or won't get it up for someone as fuckable as you he could be a walking time bomb. He could drop dead anytime from a heart attack, maybe he is an undiagnosed bipolar, so severely depressed he is latent suicidal, or he could go postal on you. Sexuality aside he needs major professional attention. I wouldn't let my guard down or trust him at all unless he gets professional help to your satisfaction. Then when you are satisfied he is nothing more than a dependent limp dick you could make permanent arrangements for your personal pleasures.

  • He knows I'm seeing other men,he just wants to watch the TV. maybe I am just not attractive to him anymore ? Other men find me attractive. If he wants to run off and end it all how would I know ,

  • Time for you to take control darling tell him you are selecting just a couple of nice men to fuck with and that is that, you should not feel ashamed or embarrassed and certainly not feel like a slut or the town bike, that will bring you down, just tell the others to piss off your not doing it anymore, be your own woman like yourself, you sound like a very nice lady xx

  • I really appreciate you saying that, and I have a few men that are more than happy to be with me. Thank you

  • Really happy I have helped a little sweetie your a very nice lady, just keep it to a nice small select group of gentlemen who respect you and satisfy you sexually and intelligently , you could well find your next loving partner but you would not if you whored yourself free all over town that's for sure, hope it all works out you deserve it xxx

  • Sweetheart it looks like there are just too many guys fucking you I also think you should cut the number down to say two or three real good roots that are independent, reasonable, nice and fully satisfy you, don't go shagging around with every Tom, Dick and Harry or you will find some real prick's pestering you, let your husband know and I am certain he will be delighted with you, my wife has had a relationship with her best friend from school that has continued for years both I and her friends husband know, we don't flaunt it around or boast about it but I do like it being so open between the four of us they both fully satisfy us husbands sexually in every way and are wonderful wife's

  • It's like he just doesn't care I have done what he asked. Now the others are pestering me to do it again in front of him. I'm feeling like a tramp. This isn't what I wanted for myself

  • I have been following this post and darling it sounds to me like things are not too bad, maybe if you just select a few nice guys that can satisfy you sexually and not have such an array of men just seeing you for a root, I feel that could make you and your husband understanding and more able to handle the situation, currently I think you are both thinking that your just a slut and the town bike so don't like it, hope you try it darling, all the best xxx

  • Get a boyfriend. Fuck him as much as you want. My wife fucks another guy. Doesnt bother me a bit. It's sexy af to see her suck dick in front of me. Also pretty hot when I come home from work and she's on her knees getting fucked Doggystyle.

  • Friend.

  • Make a deep self evaluation of what you want out of this marriage in particular and any marriage in general. If I am you and don't have anything special holding me down (like kids, finances, legal or other issues), I am out of there. Everyone wants the usual benefits in a marriage like security, family, financial stability, etc but the companionship, affection, intimacy and sexual chemistry is a necessary and an equal if not bigger part of the equation. Think it is time to work up your own action plan and communicate to him everything you are going through. If he cares so little about you and your marriage to the point of not getting help or even not talking to you then it is beyond time to leave him. Think this over and let us know more in a few days if you would. Hate to hear all that your are going through now and would like for your sake to get things resolved. In time it will pass but the potential damaging effects the two of you can personally suffer if this isn't fixed can be tragic. If there is any hope for you and the husband we want you guys to work this out for the better. Hang in there my

  • I am over loaded with everything you have written. My husband and I talk and watch TV we eat together everything normal people do. I believe that his work is too much for him. He told me that he understands and doesn't blame me for needing some physical attention from men. He has also asked me not to leave him. Meanwhile I receive text messages from guys asking me out and wanting to hook up.

  • So are you ready to live this way forever? He doesn't want you to leave so why doesn't he get himself checked out if that is what it means to keep you? Are you ready to leave him or do you think it may come to that later? What about all the downside practicalities of you cheating....is he ready to claim other men's children as his own? What about the chance of STD's for you? Thing is, what point is there in being married if one's spouse won't ensure the well being of the other by engaging in the most affectionate and intimate way through sex? And then not get checked out or look into in order to resolve the problem(s) and continue to put you off is both hateful and hurtful to you. I don't know that he could disrespect you in a worse way if he tried.. Unless he was physically or mentally castrated, he should be the one all over you night and day if you are as sexed up as you say. would die to have a woman like you for a wife and would have you in a heartbeat if they could. Hate to say this but you are living a lie, making both your lives a sham. I am a firm believer in the old adage that marriages are like partnerships and that both in and of themselves can be strong and lasting when the mutual good of both parties are met, or if not met are being addressed. By the same token if one partner is destructive to the other (fails to meet the mutual good) damaging the union it is time to look into divorce. Might be good for you to stop the cheating for a while and let the dust settle destructive for you in the long term.

  • She may have already got a STD.

  • Not weird at all. Curiosity can't be helped and it could give you some insight here. Remember though, perception is reality and the reputation may be tarnished already. So why do you stay married to him? Do you have kids? Or do you plan on having any sometime? Despite his reluctance to do anything about it, have either or the both of you been to any counseling or had any therapy? Obviously there are psychological factors at play but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Do you nag or irritate him such that he resents your presence, your happiness or your well being? How do the two of you relate outside of sex? Does he hate being around you? Something is eating at him deep inside and whether they are medical/physical or mental/psychological it just isn't right.

  • Is it weird that I keep coming back here just to read what people are saying about this

  • I wouldn't worry about his lack of interest. That's a good thing. Just keep on enjoying all of those guys.

  • I am getting a reputation though

  • I think he want to share

  • Wow. That sucks. Worst part is him not saying anything.

  • Maybe he is a cuckold

  • I'm not exactly sure what that is

  • He like to suck his cock and share you with him or just watch you having sex

  • Hmmm well he did watch for quite a while and he's known about everything for awhile so maybe he is that thing

  • Please can we chat give me your number

  • Yeah like I said I don't know what to think anymore

  • I know what I think. What a mess.

  • I know

  • I watch my Mrs when she entertains younger guys a couple times a year,since she admitted 13 years back when she was 40 that she felt she missed out in her youth I have openly encouraged her, she insists on my being there and I do find it a huge turn-on to see and listen to her whimpers and moans as she gets humped by a young virile cock,we do then enjoy very naughty sex after he has gone mist times unless she is too worn out of course and then I get mine after she's had a nap

  • Oh wow

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