Birthday girl has a Go Kart battle with another girl

So it was Ashley's 18th birthday 🎉 she had a birthday party at Malibu Grand Prix. It's like a Chuck e cheese for big kids and young adults. Two go-kart racing tracks an arcade and batting cages. The first go-kart track has mediocre go karts and they run about 10 karts at a time on a basic oval track. The other track has bigger go karts faster and require a license just an additional fee and they print out a driver's license photo id and the track is bigger kind of like a 🛣️ course with lots of turns and a couple straightaways. Ashley invited several of her friends. Including a few of her online friends from social media. Ashley has a cam girl port with a fairly decent following. When her party started she was upset that she invited a girl by the name of Lexi popular online cam girl because she was getting a lot of attention. She looked like a movie star her blonde hair, designer sunglasses, blinging diamond bracelet, blinging heart on an oversized gold necklace, pink tank top, super short shorts black high heel pumps and a bronze Mistic tan. She was a stunner. Ashley was sexy also but at 5/9 she was a giant compared to 5/5 Lexi. Ashley towered with her high heels on very sexy platform sky high stilettos nude pantyhose that was part of a sexy race track girl checked flag sexy outfit that was a tight fitting low cut one piece silk mini dress. Ashley bought it online and it was over $200.00 it came with the stockings, gloves, she bought the heels at a sex shop $125.00, earrings bracelets rings a huge white watch ankle bracelet accessories $150 and a London fog leather coat that went down to her knees $300.00 she also bought these slips that go over the heels of her platform stilettos to protect them from damage when operating the go kart pedals. Ashley like to brag about how much she spent on her birthday outfit she mentions prices and the total figure over over $800 she commented on a number of times to the Malibu staff and even the go kart attendants. Lexi had a different approach she spoke about how frugal and cash savvy she was her tank top Clearance rack 4 bucks her shorts forever 21 mark down and a coupon she found in the store 9 dollars her heels University Mall discount shoe store Traffic she snagged for $19 and got half price on another pair of really sexy stiletto sandals but she didn't have time to get her toes done but she painted them herself while stuck in traffic on 275 but she didn't like the color so she put the pumps on she brought both pairs and even her brand new Nike shox she got from the Nike store at the Outlet mall in Bradenton half off Black Nike Shox she wasn't sure what Ashley had planned so she comes prepared. Ashley overheard Lexi conversation about being high class cheap but has no car payments for her Honda Del Sol teal green with a Bose sound system. Ashley rolled her eyes Lexi decided to make a feel good moment with Ashley and went over to her praised how sexy she looked hugged her fluffed the hell out of her for a time. She told Ashley after party You and I can ride out in my Honda Del Sol to channel side and hit up a popular club. Ashley with her some what low voice responded baby girl you and I are gonna be the hottest bff's tonight. Am game I can't wait to ride out with you in your Honda Del Sol that is the hottest car I love the color. Suddenly with a serious face she stared Lexi in the eyes and said You gonna let me the birthday girl drive ? I want to drive that car? Lexi just stared through Ashley with this Blanc face it was like someone died or something. Ashley got up and yelled well maybe if I beat you at go karts you will let me at least sit in the driver's seat and rev it !!! Ashley got all excited and yelled everyone to the go kart track let's go beat the hell out of those go karts. Lexi smiled she liked that idea she loves go karts. Ashley hugged Lexi and Lexi said let's see if you can beat me at go karts. A few minutes later they were all racing around the go kart track. Lexi was in the lead she was zipping around the track fast had over half track lead she was fast she just held the gas pedal down never hit the brake. Lexi was a driver girl she been riding go karts and atvs since she was 5 these were kiddy go karts then all of a sudden she hit the center wall and crashed her go kart it was still running but the wheel was stuck she was gasing it and the back wheel was spinning her go kart was stuck. The attendee started to walk over. Ashley yelled Lexi your go-kart is stuck want me to ram you free with my go kart. Lexi yelled hell yeh get me out of this Ashley. Lexi was pushing the gas over and over but the wheel just spinning. Ashley came up fast and slammed into Lexi go kart and it spun it around and around and Ashley crashed into something else but kept going. Lexi was free but her go kart was going like 5 mph slow she was like what the fucking hell my go kart won't go any faster Ashley came back around and she got her go kart behind Lexi and started pushing it with her go kart . Lexi was like alright faster floor it Ashley and she did Lexi was being pushed by Ashley the attendant was like stop stop and they didn't listen she kept going around Lexi was steering it and then she got caught on the center cones and spun out her go kart was dead the attendant tried to start it back up but it would not. Lexi got mad and she got up and said fuck these baby go karts am going over to the big go karts. She yelled to Ashley am done with these am going over to the big karts they are real fast. Ashley was battling one of the guys and she said she will meet her over there when she gets done wrecking these dude. She was trying to wreck her friends and she was just going crazy with the go kart having a good time. Lexi got over to the big go karts and she talked the attendant into disconnecting the governor on her go kart so it would go faster she gave him a quick hand job and he didn't refuse. He cumming in less than a minute. She told him when the tall girl with the racing costume comes over you won't miss her fix her go kart also so we can both be fast she is my best friend and it's her birthday. He agreed and Lexi took off with the go kart zipping past all the other riders. She was really showing her stuff her skill behind the wheel. She started drifting it and spun it out a few times. Ashley was finally on the track it was a while Lexi even took a break and came back she went outside to smoke. When she came back Ashley was on her go kart and she took off and immediately crashed it. She was pissed yelling at the attendant that her 300 dollar heels got a scratch on it. She was cussing a Storm up over a small scratch on the heel of her stiletto platforms she never put the heel protector on it she said fuck it. She got on the new go kart they got ready for her and she was in crazy mode because Lexi flew by real close and nudged her go kart scaring Ashley a little. Ashley yelled Hell Naw Game on and she sped past Lexi. It seems like Ashleys go kart was faster. Lexi held the pedal all the way down and around a turn sped past Ashley and cut over knocking into her go kart they took turns at each other. They were actually doing some significant damage to the go karts the attendant was not paying attention he was texting in his phone. Lexi plowed into Ashley's go kart and Ashley tried to sling her go kart into Lexi but they got there front wheels locked up and the two go karts were stuck together Lexi and Ashley had the gas pedal down and they held it down the back tire was spinning on both go karts the one wheel was spinning out they were like this for a few minutes the go karts hardly moved both go karts were completely wrecked and the tire was smoking just spinning out on both go karts one of the go karts started to let out blue smoke from the engine and they just continued finally another antendant who just clocked on shift noticed the maylay and yelled for them to stop it. It was a female employee and she rushed over but they would not stop finally Lexi's go kart engine quit and Ashley's was still running Ashley was filming it with her cell phone she started to move Lexi's go kart the female employee yelled stop both Ashley and Lexi said shut the fuck up bitch. Lexi told Ashley to hold the pedal down until it blows up. Ashley kept it floored the go kart engine broke the chain then the whole engine blew up on Ashley's go kart. That's when both girls got up and walked off the track. The manager came out and was trying to tell them something and they completely ignored him. They were drinking soda and eating pizza making a big mess the other people Ashley invited all came over to the table and they had a food fight in front of the manager they trashed the whole place. Ashley knocked over something big and Lexi whispered to her I think that's our que to slide out the door and get in my car. Lexi and Ashley made it to the parking lot they dipped out nobody saw them leave. Ashley looked at Lexi and said can I drive ? Lexi said your my girl so yeh , she opened the driver's door for Ashley and Ashley sat in the driver's seat. Lexi commented later that when Ashley sat in the Drivers seat of her Honda Del Sol she looked sexy as fuck. She took some pictures of her and Ashley posed holding the gear shifter and steering wheel. Ashley said she didn't know how to drive stick so you better drive Lexi. Ashley got out and they kissed, Lexi got in the driver's seat and started the motor. She started revving it really loud. Ashley used her phone to take a quick video. That sounds so good much better than those go karts we tore up. Lexi told Ashley to come on get in Ashley got in the passenger side and continue d recording with her phone. Lexi peeled out and did some bad ass burnouts around the parking lot and then when she was about to leave she said one more went back to the front and peeled out all the way across the parking lot and finally she pulled out on Nebraska.

11 months ago

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