Party game went from PG to X

Wife and I - both in our 30's went to a friends party. All pretty classy professional people. Ladies in skirts and dresses - guys in suits w/ties.
The hostess said lets play a favorite game of hers.
Husbands are blindfolded - they try to find their wives by feeling their calves.....above the ankle - below the knee. Feel as long and as much as you want. When you find your date (wife) take off the blindfold.
Folks were laughing and drinking like crazy. Women getting half felt-up and men enjoying touching lots of gals.
My wife was hands-down the sexiest girl at the party....wearing the shortest dress. Men really enjoyed getting their hands on her legs - even below her knees! Their wives and dates were not happy.
Now the R rated part.
Next the women were all taken into a bedroom - they were told to remove their panties which were put into a silver bowl.
The women returned to the living room, where the hostess held up each pair of panties and the husbands as a group voted on whose lap they should be placed on. There was a lot of back and forth by we men until all the panties were finally displayed and placed.
Then - it got pretty quiet when my be-spectacled PTA/Girl-scout Sunday school teacher wife had to get up and go take her tiny black super-sexy string bikini panties from the lap of a lady who drinks too much. Each woman took possession of their panties and held them in front of themselves for all to see!
My wife - already the eye of the men there - took a lot of wolf whistles and began to blush prettily! The elephant in the room was of course that these women - my wife included - were now sitting there without panties on. Because the men scored better than 50% the women now had to slip them back modestly as they could!
Both the men and the women were getting into this, and getting drunk - the hostess asked if everyone would be OK with her suggesting something a little racier - involving the men!
"YES!" the women shouted in unison! "How racy!?" one woman asked.
So, three women would be chosen by the ladies to participate. The hostess would select the men, in secret from the women.
The wife (date) was to "find" her man while blindfolded in the bedroom. Three men would be on the big bed, side by side, with their pants, socks and shoes removed. The women were to use their touch of the men's legs, "or whatever!!" (hell of a lot of nervous laughter at that remark!) to identify their husbands!
Each lady who correctly found their husband would receive a prize.
After a ton of giggling and nervous laughter three women were selected: my wife and two cute young mothers! They agreed to put down their wine and give it a go!
ALL 7 of the men were removed from the living room to the master bedroom.
The chosen three guys dropped their pants, etc. and lay back on the edge of the bed, feet on the floor.
We stood in the dimly lit bedroom and watched the first blindfolded girl kneel down and move from man to man - feeling thighs and lower legs looking for her husband. She found him, and gave him a hell of a pinch!
The second girl came in after the men were switched out. None of them were her husband! The poor girl worked back and forth, blindfolded with her face so close between 3 men's legs. She had no idea that her warm hands all over these guys inner and outer thighs were giving each of these men massive erections! Finally she picked one - after coming dangerously close to the guys balls! who was NOT her husband and was led still blindfolded from the room - to learn her results later.
Then my sweet wife was led in, laughing nervously, blindfolded - and I could see from the corner where I was standing that she was determined to win this prize! She is pretty competitive! She hiked her dress nicely (none of the women knew they had an audience of all the men!) and knelt down between the first guys open legs, and began to message him with her warm hands. Then she stopped, thought a bit and moved to the next man. Where she did the same. Then to the third man. She sat back on her heels - and asked for her glass of wine. She emptied the glass and said softly, "OK, then - sorry hon' - but I'm going to have to get a little more personal here!" Geez - I love this woman!
She moved on her knees back between the legs of the first man -- and started again with her hands. Finally, finally! she slid them all the way to his crotch and bumped his balls - then reached with both hands and took hold of his stiff dick in his boxers. "AH!, OK - I thought you guys would be doing that!"
She gave him a nice squeeze. Then let go of him, moved to the middle guy (a really arrogant co-worker). She gave his inner thighs a nice slow message and then boldly went for his dick. She was not disappointed. He was flying a nice boner as well! "Thank you, sir!" she said after giving his balls a sisterly pat. . Then she moved to the last fellow, (the host of this party, the horny bastard!) and knelt between his legs. It was at this point that one of the standing men made a noise.. My wife stopped with her hands on his thighs, very near his balls - and said, "if there are men here, NOT on this bed with me - I would like all of you to leave please!"
We looked at each other. We didn't move. Then, "I'm serious - it's enough that I've agreed to do these 3 - you guys are not invited to watch me!"
The hostess led us all from the room. I did NOT want to leave!
It was a hell of a long time! (but probably no more that 15 minutes!) before they all rejoined us in the living room.
My wife was blushing nicely - from the wine!? - and the wives were all whispering excitedly while grabbing their husbands arms as they tucked their shirts in to learn just what they had been watching or doing in there! There was a lot of chatter - while I stared at my wife - trying to read her expression. She went straight to the bar, where I joined her. "Pour me a glass of that champagne, honey." she said quietly. I noticed her hand trembled just a touch - she drank DEEPLY then smiled up at me and pulled me down for a long sexy kiss, with a hell of a lot of tongue considering all those who were watching us.
It was a bit of a blurr after that - my wife was declared the "winner" and was given a magnum of champagne. Folks were getting into their coats - hugs all around. The hostess gave my wife a big hug - and told me what a great little gal I have. "She's a little hottie when she takes off her glasses !" Like I didn't know that.
I did NOT miss the stupid grin from my friggin co-worker and from that bastard host as we walked out the door to our car.
In the cars she sat back with her eyes closed. Then reached over, looked at me and dropped her hand onto my slowly growing dick.
"I guess you want to know what happened in there?"
"Well, only if you want to tell me."
"Honey - I'm sorry - but it never dawned on me that you weren't one of those final two guys!"
"What do you mean?"
"Well, darling.."and she laughed a little "I knew you weren't number one. He was .....well he wasn't as thick as you are."
"Well - so now I'm either too drunk to think straight - or something. Because I could not tell whether you were the middle guy, or the last one."
At this point my dick is out in the December night and she is squeezing me nicely!
"So, this girl is thinking, and I'm pretty tipsy - so I'm thinking - let's do a compar'o here. So I have one penis in my left hand and one in my right....."
"And I start stroking .....and ....well - they're plenty stiff - but then like so are you right now there cutie!"
" then what?!"
"Oh, I see what you're worried about - no goofy I did not need to suck them both off, not both of them ...besides.....umm, maybe you don't know this - but you guys all taste the same. You know. Your cum..."
"Geez - you're killing me here! what did you do - how did you decide it wasn't me?"
"OK, hon' now don't get mad - but remember the position you put me in here. I'm between two guys legs trying to decide who my honey is.....and here you were out in the living room. But I'm thinking one of them is your dick! That was so mean of everybody!"
"Kathie!, what did you do!?"
"Well, I decided you must be old number three. Sorry. But I did. So I started sucking him big time and playing with your balls the way you like and.....damn, damn honey you came so fast! Well, not you. But whoever number three was! And when he started grunting....oh shit. I could tell that wasn't you! Sorrreei!"
"Wow! - you sucked off the host!"
"Yeah - his wife told me. "
"Geez Kathie!"
" Yeah, she thought it was the best party trick ever!"
"Kathie.. We need to fuck when we get home!
"Yes we do - let me make it up to you...."
"You better......"
"Don't cum in the car, dumby! Oh, alright. We'll do it some more at home."
True friggin story.
Still hate that bastard. He wanted in my wife's pants - and his wife new it.
I moved on and quit that job so I was no longer around that co-worker jerk my wife was jerking off!

Mar 15

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    • She should have sniffed his asshole then compared that to your ass stink

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