When I came Home

At home its me my husband we are mid forties, our daughter is 23 still living at home. Occasionally I work away for short periods, I arrived home Sunday morning about 11 I wasn't due home till Monday, I found my husband and daughter in the kitchen having a late breakfast which was normal for Sunday morning, he was only wearing his pyjama top which doesn't hide much he was hanging well a bit swollen down below, our daughter was wearing a night shirt only a couple of buttons were fastened not much was hidden from either of them, that kind of scanty dress was only something me and my husband would wear when we were alone at home and I would usually get fucked over the kitchen table after breakfast it was special for him, They seemed a bit taken back didn't know what to say, she went upstairs the atmosphere was strained in the house for days after, I didn't want to think about what they were going to do if I hadn't cum home, would she have been fucked over the kitchen table by her dad, of am I reading into it too much

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  • Or had she already been fucked by dad and you ruined,the afterglow.

  • It's just a sex phase a daughter and dad will go thru bonding and getting closer don't make a big deal about it. I was lucky my parents never married so when our desire took place we fully indulged into our daddy daughter sex phase without being interrupted. Don't be a tattle tail or jealous they have a right to their own relationship!

  • Sweetie how are things going, I hope you are coping real well ?

  • How do you not know what's going on here? They've already done it and probably have been for years. I'm sorry. I'd keep my daughter and kick him to the curb.

  • I think your right they have all ready done it, having thought about it I am not going to rock the boat, he is sill satisfying me sexually, I did give me a bit more excitement

  • Even if nothing ‘happened’ between them, they were comfortable together as he was partially aroused. The sexual attraction between your husband and daughter is clear. Although the situation you describe requires an explanation, the real meaning and far more important aspects of this event is found here:

    They were taken back.
    They didn't know what to say.
    She went upstairs.
    The atmosphere was strained in the house for days.

    Were this totally innocent, they wouldn’t be taken back but surprised you were home early. Were this totally innocent, they wouldn’t NEED to find something to say. Were this totally innocent, your daughter wouldn’t need to escape upstairs. Were this totally innocent, the atmosphere wouldn't have changed days on end.

    You’ve already accepted their sexual activity on principle and don’t intend to ‘rock the boat’ as he still satisfies you. But you say also that this situation has added to your excitement somewhat. I think you can explore this further.

    In addition to making your situation more honest and authentic, you can eliminate potential ‘strain.’ By ‘knowing’ the situation as it is, you don't have to wonder. And when you’re away, you’ll know your husband is safe at home as his needs receive the attentive care of a woman you both love. Need I mention that this will rock your husband’s world?

    So – since he’s clearly able to satisfy two women, and since your daughter’s role doesn’t dampen your pleasure, I ask you to consider ‘rocking your husband’s world’ by joining your daughter to completely dominate your husband sexually.

    If this holds any interest for you, if it makes you even the teeniest bit wet, I want you to consider it. Your thoughts?

  • Those are quite sexist words to give a gal who doesn't desire upsetting her marriage. It's clear you can't attract any man by your bitterness expressed here.

  • Sweetheart don't worry about the unhelpful replies just ignore it and try not to catch them again as long as your getting plenty of nice sex from your man that's all you need

  • I bet your daughter has good pussy as well. Would you like to just join them for a good fucking?

  • Agree this started before you figured this out and like the other person said not worth freaking out over. I am curious as to what you think about it and what has gone thru your mind about it.

  • She got wet thinking about it even though she was disgusted

  • Why dot you ask them if they fucked and if they did why not join them and have a 3 some you might enjoy licking her cunt as he fucks you dogge style .

  • Stupid concept. I know from experience that it is better for all involved to simply continue as it is. Mother will acknowledge and adjust because it is in the best interest of all to. It will also tighten the unit as a family by strengthening the man of the household as he manages all aspects of the family relations. The man is the manager & the ladies will understand that they aren't competing. Rather, they are still sharing the man's love in a more intense emotional capacity now. Contraception is the key here. especially for the younger woman.

  • I sure it's already happened long before this your right it would only cut your family apart leaving you alone after confronting them. Many father daughter have a sexual attraction most don't act on it. But it's always there given the right situation and a dual uncontrollable desire. The act has played out since the beginning of time and always will. It's pretty obvious and your wise to notice how the two was dressed and their actions when you came home. I know for fact this sexual relationship between them doesn't effect yours and your husband's relationship. He still loves you like he always has this is their personal sexual relationship. Having the same situation with my own daughter I still love my wife but it's different relationships. A little different than yours my daughter is from a previous relationship. So my wife is her step mom I was only 15 when my daughter was born. Raising her as a single dad till she was 14 yrs old we have always been very close.

  • I've been fucking my daughter since her 9th birthday. Her pussy is so tight, and she can't get enough of my cock. She's 12 now.

  • I was a weekend dad and a couple days during the week if I didn't have a long day at work. My daughter was around 8 or 9 when she started getting frisky and would grab my clock when we wrestled around. I didn't stop her and started wearing boxers and get hard my whole cock and balls getting rock hard bursting out of my boxers. She would grip my cock and was a natural at giving great hand jobs. I never told her this has to be a secret she knew what we was doing would have gotten me in trouble. She enjoyed it and so did I I would lick her pussy and finger fuck her till she would orgasm multiple times. Let's just say it became sexually addicting for both of us every time she comes over she got naked. Running to my room jumping on my bed legs wide open. I would run in there after her she would be fingerings her pussy smiling wanting me to make her orgasm. For the first several months we tried to have actual sex she wanted me inside her like the porn girls on the videos we watched. After all the finger fucking and a 7" long 5" around dildo I had been using on her got her a bit looser for me. My 9" long 6 3/4" cock slipped inside her pussy making her grunt and moan giving her an orgasm. The two of us have always had a sexual relationship ever since. She's in her late 20's now

  • Thank you for your comment who ever you are

  • I would like to add to my post, I have had time to think about what I saw, I have decided to ignore it I know its morally wrong allowing incest to take place in the home, If I confronted them it would cause a split up with the family I know who he would choose, her being younger her body is much better than mine I know she would give him more satisfaction than me, she has always been dads girl in more ways than one, I wonder how long its been going on, I know I shouldn't but I have imagined them together doing it and other wicked thoughts as well, so that's it unless anybody wants to comment on my decision

  • When you imagine them fucking does it turn you on do you fantasize about watching them do you fantasize about joining them I can't help but think and ask if you thought about having sex with your daughters yourself just you and her i'm very curious and have more questions are they aware that you know they are fucking has this isolated you to where they're just fucking and you're not doing anything I will have a fantasy about fucking you more than that I want to jack off fantasizing about fucking you it makes my cock hard to think about I hope you communicate to me to masturbate to you

  • So you have a desire to watch them in the act from the sounds of it I think it would be totally normal

  • I am sure you are doing the correct thing darling just try as hard as possible to ignore it there must be thousands in the same boat, all the best sweetie xxx

  • I think you should sneak pictures and videos. For later you may need them

  • Does your pussy get wet when you think about what they are doing? Do you finger yourself? Tell us what you think they are doing....

  • You have 3 choices,
    1. Confront them both when you will eventually catch them. This will lead to a shit storm in the house for a very long time distancing you from your daughter.

    2. Divorce him after catching them.

    3. Go along with their relationship

  • I vote for 3.

  • Good [obvious] choice!! You must be given credit for understanding well a man's needs [to release semen].

  • Don't worry about it he is keeping it within the family, he isn't going out screwing everything with a fanny while your away, its safe its only taboo because people say it is what harm are they doing how would you feel if he had screwed somebody you don't know, just ignore it as long as he filling your fanny regularly don't bother, if you are bothered have more sex with him tire him out before you go away.

  • Try not to think about it sweetie but for sure he is planting that cock into her and she loves it too

  • Pretty sure the sex had already happened - probably the night before. Set up a camera or two around the house to be sure!

  • So disgusting.

  • He fucked her good! It's hot his grown daughter does that. If she is 18 and wants it.

  • They probably fuck every time you leave , put a hidden camera in the house somewhere. That's how I caught my wife

  • The dog

  • Don't understand what you mean by the dog

  • The hidden camera caught the family pet fucking the wife, how horny is that eh ?

  • With who??

  • I think she would

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