Made a guy an Eskimo bro with his dad

In highschool I was a bit of a slut, I got around and fucked my fair share of guys. But then I graduated moved out of town.

Well I recently went back home to visit my parents and friends and we decided to hit one of the bars. This older guy comes up and starts hitting on me and I let it go because he is buying me drinks and is pretty funny. So by the end of the night I'm drunk and horny and figure fuck it. I'm leaving town again after the weekend and go home with him. We have some really good drunk sex, he definitely knew what he was doing.

Fall asleep, end up waking up to have some morning sex. Get done and says he will make breakfast then take me back to my car. I think nothing of it, so I just put on a shirt he has on the floor go out and eat breakfast. He starts feeling rambunctious and is literally feeling me up at the kitchen counter when his son walks through the door. And I know him. Literally one of the guys I had fucked in high school, I'm pretty sure I took his virginity.

It was uber embarrassing for the both of us but he turned and walked out. And the mood was killed. On the ride back to my car we talked about it and he just had a good laugh about it and ended up making me feel less awkward about it. I even hooked up with one more time before I left. It was overall a good trip back home.

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