How can I get past the fear?

I have been thinking for awhile about giving head again, almost every day I think about it but I don't know if I should. I've attempted numerous meetups since the first time I did it but I backed out, even though I really wanted to. One time I saw him approach and hid in the trees because I was nervous, but I desperately wanted him to come back there and make me start sucking it so I could do it. I really want to again but should I? How do you just get past that initial anxiety? I did it once but I can't remember how I got past it and I really liked it.

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  • Everybody remembers their first time, plowing pussy, eating pussy, sucking cock, and getting butt-plowed ! Everybody ! WTF's your problem ?

  • Sick faggot

  • Judgemental idiot.

  • There's a lot of things that can give a person anxiety: one's job, bills, health, stress, family, etc. A lot of these factors are unavoidable.

    However, if you are getting anxiety from thinking about giving bj's, just don't do them. Forget about it. A lot of people don't give them.

  • I never had a problem with anxiety about giving head. My problem is not giving enough! I am a male and if a guy gives me the slightest indication about wanting me to suck his dick, I am all over it until I taste his big hot load of cum slide down my throat.

  • I really want that, but I can't follow through. Any tips??

  • An experienced cock feeder will have no trouble setting the novice cock sucker at ease. He'll likely talk with you a lot, do some light touching on arm, leg, face and/or hair. If he senses you're really uptight about it he may not let you attempt to suck his cock -- but just spend time talking with you about other things. Try thinking of him as a friend first... and maybe let that segue into the
    action you;re hoping for.

  • Thank you, I took your advice and it worked ;) We were in his car down by the river and he made subtle gestures towards his bulge. The third time I saw his bulge moving and he saw me looking. He just pulled it out like he knew somehow and in a matter of seconds i felt his hand on my head and I was going down on him. It was amazing. I tried giving him the best bj I could cuz I don't know when I would get to again. My cock was so hard too, going up and down on his lap and my precum was getting my boxers wet. He shook slightly then his cock felt like it got super hard and it started throbbing, then it started pumping cum into me. The taste got me super fucking horny and I just swallowed, which somehow made me even more horny and super hard. I felt like I was about to cum and I wasn't even touched. Again thank you whoever you are!

  • That made me hornet. It is amazing, when someone pulls their cock out for me I have the same reaction except I don't need their hand on my head. I automatically open my mouth and start sucking when I can. The thrill of it on my tongue, having it fill my mouth, feeling it slide down my throat, there is nothing better except feeling it start pumping cum in me.

  • How in the hell do you find a situation like this? I've never done it but I would do it in a second if the situation was as good as this? I've even considered joining a gym with a sauna. any suggestions would be great.

  • I have same feeling .want to try it but nerves.and with whi

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