I want to f*ck my uncle so bad

My attraction to my uncle just keeps growing. He is 45 and I'm 23. He's so handsome, tall, strong and sexy... I've been lusting and fantasizing over him since I was about 17. He's related to me by blood, so that makes it worse, and I do feel really bad. Yet, I can't help it. I want him so bad - I want to kiss him, make love to him, and I always dream of him licking me out. Ugh, I feel so guilty about the thoughts I have.

Sometimes I wonder if he has ever felt the same about me. He can barely look me in the eyes; he always looks down immediately if we make eye contact. It's so weird. The tension between us feels so intense. Even if we're just standing near each other, I feel a strong pull towards him. I've been told I'm an attractive young woman... and there's no doubt I secretly want him to find me attractive.

I think there must be something wrong with me. I know I'm sick and messed up for wanting him but I can't help it.

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  • My uncle 36 and I 16 were wrestling around and he got kinda grabby, I wasn't wearing a bra that day for I seldom do being I am only a C cup but when he grabbed hold of one of my breasts to turn me over he ripped my blouse wide open and I chose to ignore it but it didn't take him a minute till he started in licking and sucking my nipple deep into his mouth and I let him. Well it escalated way beyond that to where we ended up going all the way for several hours.
    The first time I didn't cum till he started deep in me and I cam on him like you wouldn't believe dug my heals hard against his ass holding him in me for I wanted every single drop of his cum in me and held onto him with my arms kissing him what seemed like forever, then he layed down on top of me both of us out of breath kissing me looking into my eyes telling me how great I felt and how now that the ice has been broken there will be a lot more days like this if you want. IU gave4 him a big kiss and told him "yes I want" he kissed me again and started in all over again shoving his hard cock into me.

  • Hoping for years that my niece would let me fuck her. We've been flirting since she was 12. I wanted to do her then.

  • I have sex with my uncle, ever since I started living with him while I attend school. We always joked about, I have really big boobs, so they're always popping out of my shirts. But one day after going out to dinner, my aunt went to get her hair done, and my cousins were all asleep, and he was blow drying my hair I turned to him and said well I'm 18 now, what are we gonna do? He replied with you tell me, I immediately drop to my knees, and you can guess what happens next. He's 20 yrs older than me, and it's been going on for 6yrs now, no regrets

  • Bet he was licking out your preteen pussy juice from your panties all the way till you turned 18.
    You could have had him inside you at least 10 years before you did.

  • Dear Niece:

    OK, I'm presuming you're not a nephew. Today, you can never be sure.

    BUT -- what does it mean when YOU avoid eye-contact? Probably that you don't want to be 'caught' in your thoughts about some handsome guy. I'm guessing you're seeing the same from him.

    If you feel tension, it's a fair bet that he does as well.

    What might you do to 'up the ante?'

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