Losing my virginity!

I was about 13 when i lost my virginity the first time and just over 17 the second time! What i hear you say......well i was 17 when i was first with a girl and it wasn't for the lack of trying i tell you. Growing up where i did i had lots and lots of time on my own and you know how it is when you first go through puberty, pulling so much your skin hurts at times! Being bored and lonely one day i was watching the sheep in the stock yards when i couldn't help but notice how much their vagina's looked like women's,pretty bloody close i tell you,anyway during that little while just thinking about that i noticed i had gotten harder than i ever had before and being that no-one was home or going to be for a few hours at least i decided i might just push one into the cattle race so i could just have a better look.....no harm done i thought! Well it was pretty interesting as i had never seen a girls before and it got me even more horny with just the thought of how naughty i was and did sure not want to be caught like that which got me even more excited! To be honest it didn't take long from there until i was naked from the waist down and up to my naughtiest thing i'd ever done yet by that stage, i didn't even really think about it being so wrong and before i knew it i had all of my rock hard rod deep inside a ewe and the feeling was unlike anything i cold of imagined and fairly quickly bust my nut deep in her and stayed like that for a few minutes! Then all of a sudden i was overcome with guilt shame as to what i had just done and swore to myself there would never be a second time as i was disgusted in myself! Then within maybe half an hour i just couldn't help myself and was nailing her again,and again and even yet again and from that day on they were fair game,they weren't getting hurt,i didn't have to tie them up or anything and i only had to worry about being caught, which made it so much better and exciting! So much better ,cleaner and easier than a cow in the shed as for a start not one ever shit on me during unlike the cows! So that is my confession and my now wife knows the lot as i told her and she loved it,to the point one day she wanted me to do it to a cow in front of her,she even got so excited she wanted to pick/choose the one for me! Even held her tail up for me and all,wicked!

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  • You lost your virginity for the first time but how did you lose it a second time? I think you are fantasizing and have yet to be fucked. Ah well maybe some day.

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