My confession

I've cheated on my husband numerous times, each time I do I feel horrible for him. Then go right back out and do it again, I try not to do it with the same man more then just a few times. I feel that there won't be any kind of attachments if we stop seeing each other after that. The reason I'm just now finally confessing my sins, is this. The man I had recently been sleeping with invited me to his house for one last fling. When I arrived I should have just turned and left because he had also invited his friends. Some how he was able to talk me into being with all of them. Sorry I'm crying a little as I type this. It was brutal they were relentlessly pounding me, with that being said I never said stop but I should have. They have torn my rectum area so bad I have stitches. I've been able to hide this so far from my husband but the rape task force and other rape help people continue to try calling me to help. I feel my life is going to be ruined soon.


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  • So you agreed to have sex with them but YOU did not agree to be brutalized. Because it's classified as a RAPE you dont need to hide it. This will be a difficult case if it goes to court but your husband may not ever need to know the gory details just that you were raped.

  • Well you won't be doing that again for a while will you ?, I hope when you shit it hurts like hell just to remind you to be faithful in future

  • How many friends were there?

  • It was him and five of his friends

  • I am sorry that happened to you. 6 guys sounds good as a fantasy but they should not have been so brutal with you. Did they use condoms? Could they not tell you were bleeding?

  • We all had a few drinks and not sure if they could tell or not it was moderately dark.

  • Hi, dear, how are you doing? Has your husband found out?

    Did they use condoms, or has the hospital collected semen samples?

  • You weren't raped you joined in and let them gangbang you like the fuck hole you are! For your husband's sake I hope they used condoms so he doesn't catch anything from his nasty whore of a wife!

  • If the hospital has to treat you for a torn rectum, they are going to report it as a rape.

  • I hope he doesn't catch anything either

  • You reap what you sow

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