Wife confessed

Last night my wife of 5 year's confessed that on many occasions before and after we were married that she cheated on me, and on many of those occasions was with multiple men or more than one man at a time. I was floored and of course fucken started yelling at her calling her names and throwing chairs around. I grabbed a change of clothes and left. I was at the super 8 hotel for about an hour when she called and asked if I was coming home. I was so pissed and hurt I said why should I. Her voice changed and she said if I love her I would help her she was telling me she can't control these erges. I could tell something was up so when I asked what she was doing,because her breathing was changing she said masturbating. We talked for a 10 minutes while she got herself off. After we hung up I started thinking about everything and was 50/50 with it I was laying in the hotel bed just about asleep when the door knocked I opened it to find her standing there wearing only a short robe, she looked like gorgeous. She came in and we immediately started having sex it was amazing. I was about to tell her I loved her when she said she had texted friends and they were in the parking lot she then said she wanted me to watch her with these friends sexually I reluctantly agreed. Within minutes they were in there and banging my wife like a $5 dollar whore. I was and am still 50/50 with this , I watched two men use her in everyway you could think offor about 30 minutes until hard again. After they left we had the best sex any married couple could possibly have. I don't know wtf to do


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  • Now she's claiming to be addicted to having multiple men at the same time

  • A girl friend I had years ago liked being fucked by multiple guys and thought she could have a committed relationship with me while still getting gang banged every couple days. It just didn't work for me - I'm not a sharing kind of guy. My wife enjoys 3-somes with another girl (which I'm all for) but we keep it with just 2-girls that are FWB with us, exclusive. We're actually talking with one about joining us in a plural relationship and letting the other girl go.

  • Tie her hands above her head and suspend her with her toes just touching the ground.
    Rip her clothes off.
    Whip her.
    Hang her a few minutes longer whil her arms burn in pain along with her whipped back.
    While she is hanging there explain to her that when you are done she is to say "thank you sir I deserved that" or you will whip her again.
    Feel her up. Get some baby oil and run it over her tits and massage them.
    Kiss her passionatly and deeply.
    Lower her down and with her hands still tied and her lying exhausted and naked on her back, fuck her.
    Ask her what do you say. If she says "thank you sir I deserved that" then untie her if she does not say that then simply pull the rope and drag her back up and whip her again.
    Ask her and continue until she either passes out or responds appropriatly.

    Did my wife the world of good.

  • Tell her you always want to watch from now on.

  • We have been talking about having a more of a controlled party so to speak

  • If I was you, I would take advantage of the situation by having her fuck buddies pay to play. Charge them $20 each for oral, $30 for vaginal, and $40 for anal. If she's gonna be a whore, you just as well take advantage of it. Just don't fuck her without a rubber, no telling what kind of diseases she's infested with by now.

  • Well the truth is I came home the other day for lunch and she was in the room having sex, one guy was fucking her another guy was getting dressed and another guy was half dressed sitting on a chair. I've left I am not able to cope with it.

  • Right now she is having sex with some guy,making all kinds of noise. I was in there but I'm sitting in the other room now. I just don't know about this

  • We stayed at my female cousin's house in Arkansas once; we got the spare bedroom. My wife had never met this cousin or her husband. Long story short, I woke up in the middle of the night--alone. I put on my robe and sneaked through the kitchen to the back patio and there was the cousin's husband, naked and leaning back against the back porch rail calmly smoking a cigarette. My wife was squatted in front of him sucking him off. I wasn't going to make a scene (open marriage, anyway) so I kept watching, thinking they might fuck. They didn't. After catching his load, he put his robe back on; my wife shared a smoke with him; I sneaked back to bed. When she got back I asked where she'd been. "Got some water," she said. I climbed up on her and slipped her the dick--needed some relief after what I'd seen. When I first kissed her, she tasted like cigarette and cum!

  • My wife told me this year that when we went camping with my friend and his wife 5 yrs ago, he felt her up and got his hand down her shorts. Very mad and very horney. I know more happen but she won't tell. But knowing her and him, I sure he got a hand job or blow job out of it.

  • My friends all know my wife is good for a bj, handjob, or maybe even a fuck, especially if she's been drinking. They bring us a lot of beer and wine...

  • Sounds like my wife, Karen was the school slut, a few beers, a little weed and she would fuck and suck off any one, swallowed. trains, gang bangs, what ever. That's why I married her, I love her being a slut and whore. For the last few years I've had her sucking and fucking black men and a lot of them.

  • How do we cope with wives like this

  • You fuck them even harder and make them do anal

  • My wife isn't opposed to anal, we do that once a week minimum

  • Well, first -- you want to suck the cocks of every man who slides that cock in her cunt or ass -- before they do it. After is okay, too. Point is -- suck as much of that cock --- and enjoy it -- as you can. Then .. grab a beer and sit back and enjoy the show.

  • Really ?

  • I think he means you decide what you want in life, we are not your father And it sounds like you are old enough to decide for yourself, good luck ;) it does sound fun

  • O.k. thanks

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