A guy friend I know was house sitting while his parents were away, and had some friends over including me. It was 3 guys and 2 girls. We had some beer and were smoking weed and basically having a normal good time. I had the hots for one of the guys, and we started making out. He broke out a roll of condoms for everyone, so we all decided to get laid.

What we did wasn't really group sex, imo, just me and the other girl fucking the other guys. The thing is that one of the guys was screwing me doggy while I was rubbing my clit, and I was getting really turned on. When I'm like that my vagina kinda expands. I don't know if it was the size of his dick or what, but things weren't airtight and every time he banged me I queefed a little as air left my vag. It was embarrassing, and a couple of the other guys started laughing. I stopped and said to them, "Fucking really?" but they started calling me the Queen of Queef and shit like that. Needless to say, my panties went back on and I said fuck that. Even days later, I'm so embarrassed about the whole thing.

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  • I have a large penis and I will make some girls queef if I pull it all the way out,then shove it all in a couple of times. I love to hear her pussy fart. I love loud sloppy pussy farts, most women are embarrassed when it happens. I love it

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