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Lets be clear. I love the "stories" on this site, but my question is sincere. I don't expect "useful" advice but I'll put it out there because I don't know where else to ask. A few nights ago I was out of town, staying in a motel. It was late and I was texting my wife. I have been married to the same great gal for 9 years. I was also texting one of her friends at the same time. (Okay some explanation) My wife genuinely cares about people. And gets way to involved in their lives trying to help them etc... So I was technically in a three-way texting. My wife, her friend, and me were all texting each other. Anyway as my wife is getting ready for bed she sends me a picture of her boobs. As were texting I'm "playing" with myself and after awhile snap a pic of myself and send it to... Her friend. (It truly was unintentional). In fact I didn't even realize the mistake until her friend texts me back with the message, "Kinda' small but thanks for sharing." My first thought was, "Oh shit!" As I am wondering how I am going to explain this to my wife, her friend texts me again and asks, "So is that it?" Followed almost immediately with, " I want to see more." I did not send more, but my dilemma is this: My wife's friend is clearly not her friend, but I can't tell her without telling on myself. Or does my wife know and is waiting to see if I will say anything? And how long before my wife's friend tells her other friends? I can't sleep.

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  • My wife thinks it weird if I have any of her (hot) friends on my phone so I could never get that wrong . Trust me she has hot friends too

  • Tell your wife you mistakenly sent her friend the picture while meaning to send it to her. Shit happens, I'm she your wife will just laugh it off. Tell her friend it was a mistake and you are sorry . If you don't tell your wife and she ends up hearing about it from someone else, you are going to be in deep shit over an innocent mistake.

  • I would tell your wife about accident and not friend's response. Apologize to friend in text/IM. Then, if you're interested in her, ask her in person if she'd like to see more.

  • ^ this totally

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