I'm very needy when it comes to relationships and if I don't have someone who can fulfill my desires like physical contact physical connection in any form being taken and dominated, I'm a very sexual person and need shit like that all the time, (I'm a masochistic babygirl and I fucking love having a daddy) I become disinterested, I need someone who can do all of that and I can't do long distance relationships well at all even if I had liked the person allot and wanted to have a good relationship with them I loose interest if I can't have physical contact with them and will want to mess around because I need it , I need someone who will be with me allot and can do the things I need, I hate that this is how I feel about things but it's how I am I'm a creature of desire and someone who can fulfill the requirements.


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  • I need you to try using punctuation. Like a period now and then.

  • I understand. I understand your a User and a know nothing loser.

  • Meth does wonders for grammar.

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