Every one she has had

I have a secret that my wife doesn't know about...I have anally masturbated since I was 13 or so. The first time was with the generic white plastic vibrators. I had never came so hard before and it just became something I enjoyed. So fast forward a couple of decades, married now and my wife likes toys...large ones and every one she has owned has been in me. It is impressive as to how large I can take. Some of her toys I could not get my fingers to touch, I am talking 2 in diameter and 10 in long or more. She had one that was called "deep stroker" and it pumped up and down. I sat myself on that thing and I came 3 times with it. She bought some machine for her back that you rest your feet on, it gently moved your legs side to side but I quickly saw other potential. I taped her dildo to it and made a sex machine that never slows down. It thrusts in a horizontal way so I have be on my knees. I wish she would use a strap on on me

6 years ago

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    • I enjoy toys myself. Wife and I have a huge collection and a few strap on toys also. We really enjoy playing with them. Like you I have had all of them in my ass and I cum like crazy with a big toy deep in my ass.
      I too can handle the big ones and I started as a young boy doing it with my fingers but was soon trying other things found around the house. I still enjoy it today in my mid 40`s. When I was 13 my best friend and I tried anal sex after I talked him in to it one Saturday when he was at my house while my parents were gone.
      We had been looking at dirty magazines for quite a while when I first asked him and he thought I was joking but once he figured out I was serious he was pretty damn anxious to do it so we went back to my room after I grabbed the Vaseline from the bathroom.
      We both got naked and I stuck the Vaseline in my ass and bent over the side of my bed and spread my ass cheeks and he stuck his dick in my ass from behind and he started to fuck me and shot his warm cum in my ass. 30 minutes later he fucked me again but for a long time before he came then that after noon he fucked me again and for 10 years he fucked my ass all the time and we sucked each other off a lot also.

    • I appreciate you taking the time to share with me. If you want to share more...I can give you my email

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