Shopping and a realization

So the wife and I went to an adult shop. She had been wanting some new sex toys. I'm all for it as she only owned one and she said it just wasn't cutting it anymore. So we go and looked at all the stuff. She first picked out a new vibrator. One for her to use when she masturbates. One end inside her pussy and another little nubbin for her clit. She then picked a second vibrator to buzz her clit when i'm fucking her. Next she picked out a 9 inch long suction cup dildo. I asked what that was for and she said for her shower and when i'm not home and she wants to ride a long hard cock. She said, "Unless, you are ok with me finding someone with a big dick to fuck me." I said, "Lets do the dildo first." She said, "That's what I thought." Then she looked at a strap on. She said, "I think I want this also." I said, "What would you do with a strapon?" She said, "Fuck you with it." I said, "Uh, what makes you think i'd be into that?" She said, "Well, i've seen that you are into having the neighbor fuck you in the ass." I said, "Whoever told you that is lying." She said, "Nobody told me. You left your email open and the neighbor emailed you the video he took when you were over there this weekend. I don't mind you being a faggot. Really. If you really get your rocks off from having a dick in your ass, it's going to be my dick in your ass."

I didn't have anything to say. I was caught. She said, "If you want to go over there and suck his dick and get your dick sucked by him, fine. I won't stop you. You won't have a dick in your ass. Not unless it's mine. Deal? Or we don't get the other toys and I start bringing home one of the guys from work to satisfy me."

9 months ago

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    • From personal experience, I can tell you that getting fucked by a woman wearing a strap on is great but doesn't begin to compare with the real thing.

      I can also tell you from personal experience that watching another man fuck your wife, licking them both while they fuck, and eating his cum out of her afterward is hotter than you can possibly imagine.

      You could be headed for a fantastic situation here. Your wife is fine with you regularly trading head with the neighbor, AND she's obviously seriously entertaining the possibility of starting to fuck other men.

      You've been sneaking around which is not good, but she seems to be handling it well. It's time to have a serious, detailed conversation with her about what you each want, what you expect from each other and from anyone else you play with, and make some agreements that you can stick with. Giving up getting fucked by another guy is no small sacrifice, but you have so much to gain, and this could be the beginning of an incredible sexual adventure together.

    • Sneaking around yes. Just because I was propositioned by the neighbor and became immediately horny and wanted to see what would become of it. The first several times it was one sided. He would suck me off and I would immediately want to leave after. He was always willing to just suck me off. But I wanted to see what it was like to suck him off too. It was like the first hit of drugs. Not that I have ever done any. He didn't tell me he was about to cum when he did and I'm glad. I would have chickened out. Now I'm addicted to his load. I still want to cum myself but not before I swallow his load. My wife is a beautiful and open minded woman but she doesn't have a dick and can't cum in my mouth.

    • How did you come to have such a wonderful relationship with your wife like this?

    • That is Hot. You are the beginnings of a Hot Wife. You are very understanding and very much into control.
      Perhaps you should start requiring your husband to bring the neighbor home at least part of the time for you to watch.
      I also believe conversation with you husband is now open to the point where anything can be said.
      Perhaps you should start bringing home a few men, include your husband in your affair, require your husband to watch, and maybe ask your hubby to suck and swallow the men you see.
      I think the door is open for you to keep the husband happy and Bi-sexual and turn him into your very happy chuckhole to serve you.
      Good luck

    • Hot wife!!!

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