I gives me a thrill

Now let's be clear. I love my boy friend with all my heart, but his sex drive is significantly lower than mine. I wouldn't dream of doing anything with anyone else, but it does mean I have to get myself off often. I've always enjoyed the thought of people getting a cheeky glance of me in my undewear or naked but I'm a pretty shy person and easily embarrassed. However, my boyfriend goes out a couple of times a week to chill with his friend and I usually have a few hours to myself to give myself some relief. I live in an upstairs flat above a shop on a main bus route. My bedroom window looks directly onto the busstop, and is just on par with the top deck of the bus. Meaning anyone sat on the top of the bus can see directly into my room. The past few times my boyfriend has gone out I've found it massively arousing to dress up in a tiny pink negligee I have and leave the curtains open enough for someone on the top deck to see in, with just enough light so they can see me and what I'm wearing, but not enough for them to get a good look at my face. I've done this the past 2 times he's gone out but unfortunately there was no one on the bus to see. Tonight he is going out again and I hope this is the night some unsuspecting guy might get a cheeky glance at me. And I hope he sees me grope my tits as a wiggle my vibrator at him and give him a sly smile before the bus pulls away from the stop. And I hope he goes home and masturbates furiously to the sight because I know I'm going to ;)

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  • I’ve always loved the idea of having a shy girl naked in front of me and having her masturbate to cum while I watch!

  • Is it the 4? Next time i'll ride on top. Tell me what time.

  • Good for you girl! If more girls did what you did, this world would be a much better place!

  • If I saw that while riding the bus I think I'd be very surprised. And then get very hard.

  • Where is the bus stop I'll be on the bus and yes I'll go home mastubate thinking about you

  • Would to fuck you babe! I'd lick your clit until you orgasm 3-4 times, mmmm.

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