We're addicted to each other

I'll get it out of the way: I'm secretly in a relationship with my own little sister. I'm 31, she's this 20 year old angel.
How'd it happen? The age gap had a lot to do with it. She was only a kid when I went off to college somewhere else, and we were very close. She used to call me her "favorite person ever", and I was very protective of her since our father wasn't around. Thing is with distance and all, and having to work at the same time to make ends meet, we didn't see much of each other for years. There were times I couldn't even afford to go home for Christmas or family birthdays.
I landed a great job abroad fresh out of college, so despite things started looking up, that was that for my family ties, at least for a while. I kept in touch with my sister through Skype and that sort of thing, and yes, I did notice her becoming a woman, but I supposed I was too much into the other stuff in my life to notice.
Then, a little over a year ago, I was offered a job in my home country, so I accepted. Just in time for my sister to leave for college in that same city, so mom asked me to make room for her at my place while she found her own, and I agreed.
Don't ask me what it was, something just clicked. It took a few days for both of us to accept it, but we were very attracted to each other from day one, but didn't act on it for obvious reasons. She made the first move one night during dinner at home, she told me how much she had missed me and hugged me. As she pulled away she kissed me on the lips, and I didn't even bother to stop her... then it turned into a french kiss, and it went downhill from there. We fucked then and there. She orgasmed hard, which excited me so much I came inside of her, the hottest and scarier thing I've ever done (it was a safe day, luckily). She claims that was the first time a man has made her cum.
Of course there have been concerns, but it is so hot and it feels so natural, we feel so at ease with each other, that we've kept going. She never moved out, we live as a couple with an amazing sex life. I mostly fuck her in the ass, out of pregnancy concerns, but she can't get enough of it, she hadn't done it before and now she cums almost every time we do it. When a woman shakes like that in your ams during sex, you become addicted to her.
Problem is, this addiction is kind of getting out of control, on both sides. At first we didn't even think of dating together out in the open, but the other day we fucked in a park. If we ever went out to a party or social gathering, we used to be afraid of even slightly touching each other last week we went at it in the bathroom of a mutual friend's party. We get so turned on by fucking right by the balcony so people see us, by the sheer thrill of being identified as siblings. But I don't think we could stop if we wanted to...

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  • You've lived every single man's fantasy. Congratulations

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