Bisexual fantasy

My wife and I have a great sex life. We are very adventurous in bed. We have a collection of cyber skin realistic dildos, most with attached balls, and I love to rub them on her moist pussy, slap her pussy with them, and insert them deep inside her as I lick her clit.

Many times, once the dildo is soaked with her juices, she sucks her cum from it. And we also frequently share the toy cock, licking the shaft together, sucking the cum off, licking the realistic balls, and we both go crazy over it. She bought a black dildo recently and we both got a little drunk and used it for fun in our hotel room. That night (and one other night) in the throes of our passion, I said "do you like sucking that big black cock?"and she just moaned her affirmation. I don't think she remembers this part, but I then said "do u like seeing me suck this cock?" And again she whimpered yes.

She has mentioned before that a threesome with another guy doesn't turn her on. But over the course of our marriage she has asked a number of times if I have any bisexual fantasies, once even looking at me almost imploringly, and said "it's ok, u can tell me". That was about 5 years ago. I didn't tell her the truth and have regretted so all this time. I'm not sure how she would react if I told her that I have fantasized about bringing another man into the bed and having an orally bi mmf threesome.

I love my wife dearly and completely. And she drives me crazy with how kind she can be and how gorgeous she is. How do I possibly tell her that there are times that we are fucking doggy style when I'm picturing her sucking another mans cock at the same time. And that when we share our dildo, sucking and licking it together, that I'm picturing another man standing near our faces and feeding us his cock?

Any women able to comment and help me out? I wouldn't ever leave or cheat on my wife, but I'm so horny for a bisexual threesome with her. Does she secretly want the same experience and is just afraid to admit it, or is she repulsed by the idea and entertain it by feeding me our toy cock just to please me? I don't know what to think, although she is totally soaked when we suck the toy cock together. Please could a married woman share some insight with me? Excited and afraid in pittsburgh.


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  • I seen the naked pash-ons yellow and blauck sex mobile selling sex toys to baby-momma drama queens out side mother duck (fuck) nurseries and they were handing out cock and balls dick suck lolly pops to kids to promote child sexual rights and gender fluidity has this gone too far now? the mommas support it is this right? what if kids have bi sex fantasies in child care or school is that supposed to be ok?

  • Most women freak when their man has any gay or bi tendencies because they are so damn insecure.

    If your wife is the type of woman that comes to websites like this, then you might have a chance.

    But if your wife is the type of woman that would be shocked to see that you enjoy this type of website, which isnt even that crazy a site, then you probably already have your answer.

    Proceed with caution is my advice

  • She is rather adventurous and would not be shocked by anything on this site. We've watched porn together many times, including straight mmf threesomes. I may try to work in an orally bi one and see how she reacts. Thanks for the comment and advice.

  • I am a widower and through the years I bought my wife quite a few dildos. The one that became our favorite was a realistic looking double ended one. I started using it on her and after a few times I would stroke it like a real dick while half of it was in her. She would watch intently and after another few times, I bent down and sucked it while was in her. That progressed to us frotting and to me coming on it then licking and sucking my come from it. She had many orgasms while watching me do this. When I travelled and we would have phone sex, she would tell me she was using HER DICK and she wishes I was there to suck it for her.

  • I am a female, and I quite enjoy orally bi men. Your wife certainly does sound open minded. I think if this is important to you that you should talk to her about it. I believe you when you say you won't cheat. Maybe start by looking at some bi porn or bi porn pics and see what she thinks. Tumblr has lots. You can casually say "so do women find that hot?" Good luck!!

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