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My wife and i have been married 10 years and our sex life was great but both of us wanted more, so my wife suggested we should make a movie of us screwing . We could set aside a portion of our finished basement and turn it into a studio
I went to work on her ideas which were considerable.
The basement was to be where most of the shooting took place but she also wanted a remote camera in our bedroom.
Cameras were installed in the basement and in the bedroom as she requested.
We started filming with us screwing like rabbits in every position possible. I loved all the sex as well as all the filming. ,It increased our sex life 10 fold.
My wife in particular was very much into filming, she had sexy dresses and outfits to go with every film.
Having said all of that my wife is a very attractive woman I knew no one would be interested in seeing me in film but they would be very interested in seeing her fucking me or anyone else for that matter. She had a fantastic body and a beautiful face Men were always trying to get into her pants and as far as I knew she had been faithful to me.
One night after sex , She suggested that we should expand our operation., use other people in our films. At first I thought she wanted use other couples but that is not what she wanted at all. She wanted to have other male partners in our films with her . I thought she was kidding and I didn't think that was a good idea.
What if this she fell for some other guy , filming with me was one thing but having another lover was something else altogether.
We talked about having other men in our films for months. going over the pros and cons of emotional attachment that was sure to happen. She managed to bring me around to her way of thinking. She was to pick the new lover and I would be the camera man director and producer. I didn't know it but my days as a film star were over.
She told me she had 2 or 3 men who she wanted to be filmed with , all were good looking , fit and were co workers of hers . These men were in their late 20 s and were married.
She had it all planned , she would take each of them to lunch and tell them what she wanted, all agreed and all couldn't wait to get into bed with her.
I was a little surprised as to how fast she managed to line up 3 men to fuck her on film.
The first of the men who came over was Joe. she invited him over on sat morning to talk and maybe do a film test.
He showed up on time and she introduced him to me. She was right to chose him, he was very hansom and fit, a true athlete.
When she let him in they hugged and started kissing hot and heavy like they had done this before. I felt like the odd man out, like I wasn't even in the room.
She took him to the basement where we had a sofa pullout bed .
I turned on the cameras and lights and from behind the camera I could see he had a huge hard on. My wife sat him down and began to stroke his large cock through his pants. She was in complete control as she unzipped his pants and pulled them off him. He had a cock about 8 inches long but very thick, it must have been the thickest cock I had ever seen . My wife who was grinning like a lioness about to devour her prey began to suck his thick cock.She looked like a pro as she sucked on his very large head
After sucking him off for some time she stood up and striped of her clothes and jumped on his naked body, she sat on his face and he licked her pussy which she was enjoying very much as she began to moan.
No rehearsal was necessary for these two lovers, they clearly had done this before and were very good at it.
My wife then mounted herself on top of Joe and shoved his cock into her pussy. She took in the huge cock and began to fuck the shit out of him. I never saw her move like that before, she was like a wild animal.They fucked for about 20 min then switched positions with him on top. While he was fucking her i noticed the look on her face, she was different, she had an evil greedy look on her face as he fucked her harder and harder.She wrapped her legs around his ass and dug her nails into his back . She came like crazy and she was very loud as well. I could see him cum as his cock started throbbing . He must have dumped a bucket of cum in her pussy.
It ended very quickly with both getting dressed and kissing hot and heavy before he left.
I now knew that she had fucked him before and maybe they were having an affair I asked her about it and she confessed that they indeed were having an affair and that they had been fucking for about 6 months.
This whole thing was a set up my wife thought up. She wanted me to know she was fucking around and what better way to let your husband know than to make a film with your lover with hubby holding the camera.
So what now, are we finished , are we to go on, have things changed to much to go back. My wife sat me down and told me she loved me and didn't want to leave me. She however wanted to continue to fuck others and on film . Right now that is how things are, we are still making films with Joe some times and with others. i even managed to find someone who was interested in screwing me on film, a married woman in the neighborhood.
Well there you have it , if things change I'll let you know.


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  • Not long after my wife turned 40 years old, she fell into a slump. For weeks I tried to cheer her up with no success. Then one day she asked me if she was still pretty. She works out at the gym everyday, has a tone body, and maintains a healthy diet, so ofcourse she is still very attractive. Then she asked me if I wanted to do a porno film with her. I was naturally thinking of a home sex tape, but she had found a professional sex ographer on line. She paid this guy to take a professional video of me and my wife having sex. He helped instruct us on how to move, how to act, and where to position our bodies for maximum viewing. There were several times when he touched my wife's naked body, either to position her correctly or to show me how he wanted me to touch her. At first I thought to myself, *hold on dude, why are you touching my wife's tits*, but then I realized that maybe he was doing it in a professional manner. I will admit that he kind of shocked me again when I wasn't touched my wife's pussy correctly and he walked up saying "NO NO, I want you to touch her like this", and then he shoved his 2 middle fingers deep inside my wife's pussy using his palm to rub her clit. The look on my wife's face was pure ecstacy.

  • Wow, that is fucking hot. I would love to find a professional to tape me and my wife fucking. How did she find him?

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