Not sure about my current boyfriend.

I'm sixteen and a half and my boyfriend is eighteen. We have been seeing each other for a few months. I really love him but there are things I'm just not sure about. He's not my first boyfriend. My first sexual experience was when I was 14. The guy well really a boy was 15 and we had intercourse my first time. It was ok and it didn't last long. He liked another girl and got her pregnant . I liked this guy who lives across town. I met him at the mall. He's really hot. Kind of tall well compared to me he's tall and blonde hair. I'm five six so yeah short. I felt him when we were kissing. His dick was really hard. He said he wanted to fuck me. We were in the back seat of his friends car making out and I gave him a Bjay. His penis was nice maybe around seven inches or so . He was the largest by far. My current boyfriend and I are having sex and oral sex and 69 also. The thing is he's not very big. It gets really hard just not very long. I feel him and it's ok but there is no big finish when he comes inside me. The guy who I lost my virginity with was bigger. I think like six inches probably could have been a bit more about the same size around as my current guy. He wants sex a lot and it's not hard to find places to do so. I was sneaking out at night and taking my dads car to his house. He would meet me at the sliding door to the basement and we had sex in his fathers office. Then I would drive home after putting some gas back in his car. We have straight parking on the street and one time when I returned I had to park his car on the other side of the street. My dad didn't even notice. Then my boyfriend comes to our house and we go downstairs and watch television. I started wearing dresses cause I can remove my panties and he can pull down his pants and we make love on the sofa with my mom and dad up stairs. If someone opens the door I get up and pull my dress down and he pulls up his underwear and shorts. We have also made love a lot in the back seat of his car. I am taking the pill so we don't use any protection. Sometimes I pretend to go to sleep and he leaves but comes back about an hour later and we make love in my basement. My mother knows what's happening. He told me she saw him sneaking in the back yard when she got up to use the bathroom. Our house has just one and the window faces the back yard. I guess she feels like it's better that I am safe in our home than out somewhere. We have found places outside near his house to do it. There were these new town homes being built and a few were completed but nobody living in. He parked by one of them and then we got out and put down a blanket I brought and we made love on the lawn. It was like 80 or so in the summer. I will be seventeen soon and my last year of high school. He wants to get married when I graduate. I do love him. I guess size shouldn't be all that important. He is a really good kisser and when he touches me I feel great. I try and not be a shallow person. He is ok looking not the hottest but not ugly either. He tells me how gorgeous I am all the time. He only had one other girlfriend. We both wish each other was our first times.


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  • You sure are a rambling girl. I'm still not sure what you're not sure about?

  • This from a old married lady. My husband and I have been together for over 30 years. I'm 54 and he's 57. He has a small penis just under 5 inches. I had an affair with a past love 2 years after we got married. My lover he was over 7 inches and fatter. Not why I had the affair it just was one of those things. Listen to me size can be overcome. I stayed with my husband because he was husband material. My lover wasn't. He was a big dick. Hope this helps. Good luck honey.

  • You don't want to hear this, but, you're young, play the field. Just remember, a guy with a bigger dick may be a bigger DICK.

  • Good story, nothing unusual here, my girlfriend and I would go to a stadium and have sex in the middle of the field when we were 16. If you can remain faithful to your 6” boyfriend then he’s dick can be enough, however if you start having sex with larger boys then he’ll never satisfy you... let his size form to you. Good luck.

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